EC-CUBE 's payment module plug-in, which is compatible with our payment service, has a lineup of payment methods and functions that are often requested by merchants.



Link Type:

We will prepare the payment screen required for the payment procedure. You can use multiple payment methods without having to build a screen for each payment on the merchants side. It also supports Non-retention of credit card information.

API type:

The API type is a connection method that performs payment processing by communicating payment information between merchants and our server. The payment screen can be freely designed by the member store.

Convenient management screen-Can handle everything from batch confirmation of sales to change of amount-

We can handle everything from batch confirmation of sales to change of amount. You can also regain credit from the management screen, so it is also suitable for handling reserved products.

* Please contact us for details.

Enhanced support system-Achievements of peace of mind-

Since we have a support window dedicated to EC-CUBE, merchants can use our payment service with peace of mind. Based on the industry's top class introduction results and know-how, we will smoothly support complicated procedures related to payment, business agency, contracts with payment institutions, and payment management of storage charges.

Checkpoints for EC-CUBE security measures

To use EC-CUBE safely, please check the following and contact EC Cube directly if you have any questions.

EC-CUBE security point

EC-CUBE security point

  • EC-CUBE security
    Check the check sheet

    With the cooperation of related companies, we have created an operating environment security check sheet for each version.

  • Security specialist
    Talk to your partner

    Please consult with a partner company that specializes in diagnosis by a security specialist or EC-CUBE.

  • Specializing in EC-CUBE
    Introducing WAF to prevent attacks

    EC-CUBE official WAF service provided by EC Cube is now available. We are providing detailed materials.

Inquiries & Applications

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