Plan for merchants

Lowest level in the industry* from 3.5% Credit Card Payment fee

*Comparing the fees of two PSP companies that publish Ochanoko-Net cooperation information,
For the cheapest results, we use the notation "industry lowest standard".

PayPay, Mobile Carrier Billing

  • Credit Card Payment *

    Credit Card Payment
  • Mobile Carrier Billings

    Mobile Carrier Billings
  • PayPay

  • Web CVS Payment

    CVS Payment

Better than other companies
credit card Rate plan

Various charges

SB payment

Company A Company B
Settlement fee 3.5% 3.6% 3.9%
Initial fee free free free
Monthly cost free 2,000 10,000
Payment provided
  • PayPay
  • Mobile carrier billing
  • CVS payment
  • net bank payment
  • Cash on delivery
  • Electronic money
  • CVS Payment
  • deferred payment
  • CVS Payment
  • deferred payment

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Various usage charges

Various charges Initial fee Fixed monthly fee Settlement fee Transaction costs
SBPS Online Payment ASP
(Basic charge)
0 0 unnecessary 0
Credit Card Payment *
visa mastercard JCB AMX DC
0 0 3.50% 0
Mobile Carrier Billing
Mobile Carrier Billings
0 2,000 yen
* Total of 3 carriers
6.50 %
*Product sales only
PayPay online payment
0 0 3.60 %
*Product sales only
WEB CVS Payment
WEB CVS Payment
0 0 3.00% minimum charge
200 yen/item

Features of SB Payment Service

  1. at the SoftBank Group
    Develop payment business

    As a member of the SoftBank Group, we are developing a payment business centered on online payments. The annual transaction volume in fiscal 2020 through our payment service is about 4 trillion yen, and it is used by many merchants.

    SoftBank SB Payment Service
  2. with high security
    Providing "peace of mind"

    We handle personal information and credit information related to payment under strict security measures. In addition, the acquisition of various certification standards guarantees safety, and no information leakage accidents have occurred.

  3. stable payment system

    We provide advanced payment systems that process transactions at a large scale exceeding ¥4 trillion annually, allowing you to transact with your customers with peace of mind.

Flow until the start of use

  • STEP


  • account
    Send password

  • STEP

    Portal site
    From this application

    Portal upon completion of step1
    We will guide you through the site.
    password sent
    Please log in with

  • Vetting

  • System configuration

  • STEP

    Management screen settings

  • STEP

    Start of use

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