that connects stores and ECSettlement DX for stores

With an all-in-one payment terminal
Make store management smart

Problem To everyone who runs a store
If it is a payment DXplatform for stores
You can solve such problems.

Operational work iscomplicated

I wantto strengthen the number of EC customers

Too manypayment methods

The cash register is full ofthings

Contract / settlement iscomplicated

Feature Payment DX platform for stores
Reasons to be chosen

01 Necessary for store management
The app is this one

We provide the value of "payment + α" that can respond to the diversifying lifestyles of our customers.
In the future, we will respond to customer attraction tools, duty-free services, and subscriptions that are needed by merchants.
We will release applications etc. one by one. * Apps will be added one by one based on the needs of business operators.

  • Traditional store management
  • オールインワン決済端末で店舗運営


There is a need from businesses in the future
Applications will be released sequentially

  • New payment

  • Duty free

  • Multi-currency

  • Certification

  • Pre-order

  • Mobile order

  • Membership management

  • Inventory control

  • Attracting customers

  • Visit reservation

  • Point

  • Coupon

02 With the fusion of EC and real
Big business

Combining terminal payment service and online payment service,
We will improve the convenience of businesses and customers' purchasing.

Centralized management flow diagram Centralized management flow diagram
  • Image photo

    For monthly payments

    Once you register the information, you do not need to pay at the customer's store. Simplify monthly payments with fitness gyms, cram schools, and subscriptions.
    You can shop more easily by hand.

  • Image photo

    Make the usual payment on the EC site

    By centralizing customer data, payment methods are linked, enabling seamless shopping both online and at other stores.
    By linking with the member information of the business operator, it can be used for various businesses.

03 Because it's all-in-one
The area around the cash register is refreshing

You can use various payment methods, from credit cards to e-commerce and QR codes.
Also equipped with a card reader and printer. All-in-one support from payment to receipt printing
This one unit realizes a neat cash register area.
In addition, it is SIM compatible and wireless communication is possible, so you can make payments anywhere.
* QR code payment is compatible with both CPM (user presentation type) and MPM (store display type).

Card reader image Card reader image

payment methods at the store

Credit cards
Card reader image
Electronic money
Card reader image
QR code
Card reader image

Other usage

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    Receipts can also be output

    It is possible to handle everything from payment to receipt output on the spot without going through the POS cash register. Customer satisfaction is also improved by speedy response.

  • Image photo
    Settlement anywhere

    Compatible with SoftBank SIM. Payment can be made anywhere.

04 Cooperation with a wide variety of store POS
Speedy introduction

Cooperation with various POS systems such as legacy POS, PC POS, self-registration, etc.
It is realized by the connection method that suits the three types of store environments.
With OCX, the burden of POS linked development is greatly reduced compared to the past!

連携・導入画像 連携・導入画像
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    OCX enables development with reduced man-hours

    By using OCX for Windows environment, it is possible to develop POS applications that work with payment terminals quickly and at low cost.
    * OCX will be provided by Sorimachi Giken Co., Ltd.

  • Image photo
    Supports command response development

    It will be possible by developing a command response method for POS interlocking. We also provide paid individual development support.

How to connect POS and all-in-one payment terminal terminal

  • Serial connection
    Serial connection
  • Wired LAN connection
    Wired LAN connection
  • Wi-Fi connection
    Wi-Fi connection

05 Easy contracts and payments!

From the contract procedure required for payment to the complicated work related to cashless
We provide one-stop service.
Since we will centralize after-sales service and sales management to provide services,
We will improve the productivity of merchants.

An illustration An illustration

Spec terminal specifications

item specification
OS Android 7.1.2 version PayDroid
CPU CPU for apps Quad-core Cortex-A7,1.1GHzI
Security CPU Cortex-M4
memory 1GBDDR + 8GB eMMC
display 5-inch SuperTFT capacitive color touch panel (720 x 1280), digital signature compatible, LED backlight
communication LTE (Softbank)
GPRS, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi: 802.11b / g / n, 2.4GHz, Supports Hotspot
Camera (scanner) 1D / 2D reading camera
Front: 300,000 pixels / Rear: 5 million pixels Autofocus
card reader Magnetic card, IC card, non-contact card
battery Large capacity Li-ion battery, 5,250mAH, 3.7V
Dimensions / weight L × W × H (mm) 176.38 x 78 x 60 / Weight: 462g (including battery)
External interface 1 x Micro-USB (OTG)
printer Thermal roll paper width 58 mm x 40Φ
Operating environment Operating temperature: -10 to 50 ° C, humidity range: 10 to 95% (no condensation)
Storage temperature: -20 to 70 ° C, relative humidity: 5% to 95%
power supply Input 100-240V AC, 50Hz / 60Hz
Output 5.0V DC, 2.0A
Certification standard PCI-PTS 5.x, CE, FCC, Telec, VCCI, EMV L1 & L2,
Visa payWave,
MasterCard Contactless, MasterCard TQM,
Amex ExpressPay, Discover D-PAS, Felica