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What is the examination when using the PSP?

As the number of customers who make cashless payments such as credit cards has increased in recent years, I think that merchants operating EC sites and physical in-store are considering introducing various payment methods. Previously, in the column "Examination contents and preparations when introducing Credit Card Payment", I introduced the examination contents focusing on Credit Card Payment, but this time I introduced the checkpoints regarding the examination when using a PSP. I would like to introduce you.


What is PSP?

When introducing payment methods such as credit card payment, convenience store payment, carrier payment, etc., it is necessary to contract with the institution that provides each service.
However, the more payment methods that are introduced, the more time and cost it takes to introduce and manage them, which can become a heavy burden for e-commerce businesses.
The role of a payment agency is to eliminate such trouble and unify the introduction and management of multiple payment methods. E-commerce business operators can basically complete everything from contracts for multiple payment methods to actual operation by simply communicating with the payment agency. It is recommended for e-commerce business operators who are considering introducing multiple payment methods.
For information on how to choose a payment agency, please refer to the article "What is a payment agency? Thorough explanation of the mechanism and benefits of payment agency services".

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I will explain the mechanism of the PSP and the merits of using it for EC merchants.

Flow until examination when using PSP

By using a PSP, you can greatly reduce the time and effort required to introduce multiple payment methods and manage them. However, there is a review when using it, and not everyone can use it immediately after applying. From here, I will explain the flow up to the examination performed by the PSP.

First, the EC merchants is required to fill out and submit the application form prepared by the PSP. After that, the PSP asks the settlement institution that provides the payment methods desired by the EC merchants examination.
The examination content and examination period differ depending on the payment institution, and some payment institutions take more than a month to complete the examination after applying, so if you are in a hurry to introduce a payment methods, apply early. We recommend that you do. In addition, please note that the PSP cannot inform the merchants the examination criteria and the reason for the examination result.

Points to be checked in the examination

Now, I would like to introduce some typical points to be checked in the examination.

Presence or absence of EC site

First, check if there is an EC site where the payment methods is introduced. Before the EC site is released, the payment institution cannot confirm the service content, so the examination cannot be performed. However, even if the site is not open to the public before the start of the business, depending on the payment institution, it is possible to carry out the examination by submitting materials that show the contents of the service site, so please contact the PSP before the examination. Please consult.

Notation of products and services handled

Not only the existence of the EC site, but also the details of the products and services we handle will be checked. The products and business formats handled are important factors in determining the content of the examination and the subsequent settlement fee, so please describe them in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition, please refer to the following for industries and products that are likely to be judged NG.

Industries / products that are likely to be rejected

  • Adult
  • Marriage agency
  • Gambling related
  • Door-to-door sales
  • Dating site
  • Continuous services (esthetics, English conversation classes, etc.)
  • Industries that are offensive to public order and morals
  • Crowdfunding
  • Donate
  • Water purifier
  • Water heater
  • Kimono
  • Painting
  • Duvet
  • Medical equipment
  • Teaching materials
  • fur
  • Esthetic related products
  • Membership
  • jewelry
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Things that are offensive to public order and morals

With or without cart function

The important thing in putting a payment methods on an EC site is the preparation of the payment function. Even in the examination, it is subject to confirmation whether the lead wire to complete the settlement is prepared, so if the actual screen is not completed, confirm in advance with the PSP whether the examination is possible with the screen transition diagram etc. please.

Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Regardless of the products or services we handle, if you want to introduce any kind of online payment, you must state the "notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law". Please prepare the URL of the listed page or screen capture.

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In addition to the outline of the Specified Commercial Transactions Law, we will explain the notation items and writing styles based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law, penalties for violations, etc.

Business performance

The management performance of the business itself is also an easy point to check in the examination. Especially in the case of EC sites, customers and EC merchants do not face each other directly, and troubles are more likely to occur. The examination is also rigorous, and even if you apply for a business or EC site that you just started, it may be difficult to pass the examination. In that case, it is also important to improve the reliability of the business, such as by first accumulating results in in-store.

Why SB Payment Service is chosen

We acquired the international brand licenses of Visa and MasterCard in 2011 and UnionPay (UnionPay) in 2015, and as a card company called "merchants", we vetting of merchants and other PSP. We are doing.
We can flexibly support the development of new businesses, including payments, as we can provide a one-stop service from screening to the provision of payment services.

If you are an e-commerce merchants considering the introduction of payment, please contact us.

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