Our Clients

Improve your payment experience

Depending on the payment method desired by the user
Reduce cart abandonment

We offer over 40 branded payment methods. Therefore, we will introduce payment methods that match the user base of business operators and prevent cart abandonment.

on a simple screen
smooth buying experience

A payment screen that is simple and compatible with a variety of devices reduces cart abandonment and contributes to sales. In addition, it is possible to build with your own UI by embedding API.

Stable even when access is concentrated
Provide payment processing

We provide an advanced payment system that handles a large-scale payment volume exceeding 5 trillion yen annually. As a result, it can withstand sudden mass accesses, reducing loss of sales opportunities.

prevent lost opportunities

Additional Authentication for Suspicious Users
Reduce opportunity loss by

With over hundreds of millions of payment data per year and machine learning of all fraud patterns, additional authentication is performed only for transactions that are suspected of fraudulent use of credit card payments, reducing risk and preventing cart abandonment.

  • *Functions differ depending on the plan.
  • *This is a fraud prevention service for credit card payments.

Adaptable to various businesses

We offer a wide range of payment options so you can give your users the experience they expect.

  • BtoC

    We handle consumer payments for e-commerce sites, digital games, rent, etc.

  • BtoB

    In addition to bill payments, we also accept corporate card payments.

  • CtoC

    We handle both payment settlement and sales transfer in person-to-person transactions.

  • subscription

    We also support continuous charging with a fixed amount and continuous charging with different rates (such as charging according to the amount of service used).

Easy payment introduction to EC cart

Payment can be introduced with less burden

With more than 20 types of compatible EC carts, you can easily use the payment service with little development burden. Also, with mail link payment, payment can be introduced without an EC site.

Cart example

If you are considering implementing, 
please feel free to contact us

Please contact us to download detailed information about our services and to discuss costs and implementation.

Contribution to solving business issues

  1. Improving cash flow

    Accelerate the payment cycle and improve the cash flow of the business operator. We offer an early and multiple deposit option that allows you to make 2-6 sales deposits in a month.

    • * There is a preliminary examination when applying. In addition, various expenses will be charged separately for using early and multiple deposits.
  2. Smooth online store cooperation

    Realize a seamless shopping experience by linking in-store and online payment information.

    Click here for details of the payment DX platform for stores
  3. Enterprise

    We offer flexible support for enterprises, such as platform business management and payment customization, and large-scale payment system switching.

model case

  • Product sales

    We provide a smooth payment experience on various EC sites such as apparel, cosmetics, miscellaneous goods, and home appliances.

  • Digital content

    We provide billing methods that match your business model for video distribution and online games.

  • platform

    We handle both payment of product purchases and service usage fees and sales payments.

  • OEM (original payment)

    We will support the provision of cashless services of our own brands such as 〇〇PAY.

  • NFTs (Web3)

    We offer credit card payment as a payment method for NFT, which is a domain of Web3.

    • *May not be available due to screening.

Testimonials from Our Clients

We are chosen by companies across a variety of industries.

Introduction flow


  1. Inquiries

    Enter the company name, contact information, and desired payment method (credit card payment, convenience store payment, etc.) in the form.

  2. Application

    Enter the required information in the application form and upload the required documents.

  3. System connection/start of use

    Development will be done to connect the business operator's site and the business operator's dedicated payment system. As a development language, if it can send and receive HTTP GET/POST, it is possible in principle. After the system connection is completed, you will be able to accept payments with your payment method.

Our company (SBPS)

  • Hearing/
    Present a quote

    We will listen to the information about the service to be introduced necessary for screening, quotation, billing/sales method, development requirements, etc., and create a quotation according to your request.

  • Vetting

    It is possible to review the payment methods you use all at once. However, the content of the examination differs depending on the payment institution.

  • System configuration

    We will build and provide a dedicated payment system for business operators. The construction period may take several days to two weeks depending on the payment method and setting information.
    In addition, since we have prepared a "common test environment", connection development can be performed in the "common test environment" before the payment system dedicated to the business operator is constructed.

If you are considering implementing, 
please feel free to contact us

Please contact us to download detailed information about our services and to discuss costs and implementation.