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Flow of procedures for introducing Online Payment Services

We will guide you from the process of applying for our Online Payment Services through to start of use in about 3 weeks to 2 months. The time required to start using the services may vary depending on the content of your services and the vetting status for the payment methods merchants apply for.
Please feel free to contact us regarding the specifications for each payment method and the application procedures.

*1 For those using a shopping cart, please see here.
*2 Start date may vary depending on the status of the vetting by the payment provider.
*2 Please note that if you do not provide all of the required documents, you will not be able to undergo the vetting. Our sales staff will inform you of the required documents at the time of application.
*2 Time frame is approximate. It will vary depending on the payment methods you apply for.


On the inquiry form, you will be asked to provide information such as your company name, products handled, monthly transaction volumes, payment methods you wish to introduce (credit card payments, CVS payments, etc.), and the implementation timeframe.
*You can apply even before your site is live (excluding some payment methods).

Consultation / Confirmation of development requirements

We will consult with you to gather the information required for the services you wish to introduce, such as billing / settlement methods, development requirements, and vetting / estimates. If you are using (or planning to use) an e-commerce shopping cart or e-commerce site building package, please see to the page below.

Billing Methods (one-time billing, recurring billing)

The two types of billing methods available are one-time billing, which charges a customer each time they purchase a product, and recurring billing, which charges on a regular basis. We will confirm the billing methods needed according to your business’ services.

One-time billing: A billing method that makes charges every time a product is purchased
Recurring billing (simplified): A billing method in which a specified amount is continuously charged on a billing date set by us, such as for monthly usage fees and monthly flat-rate purchases.
Recurring billing (fixed term/pay-as-you-go): A billing method in which you specify the billing dates and amounts for recurring billings.

If you would like to know more about the billing methods, please see the page below.

Settlement Methods (automatic sales, designated sales)

You can choose between the automatic sales and designated sales settlement methods.

Automatic sales: Sales are automatically processed immediately after the customer completes the purchase
Designated sales: Sales are processed by you at your discretion

Payment System Connection Methods (Link type, API type)

Merchants can select the method of connecting their system with our payment systems.

Linked type: Merchants will be redirected from their system to our payment screen to process the payment.
Merchants do not need to prepare their own payment screen.
API type: Payment information is sent between the merchants’ system and our servers to process the payment. Merchants can make payments through their system.

*With our API type connection, you can use credit card payments safely by using our Token Functions, which converts credit card numbers into another string of character. Click here for more information.

If you would like to learn more about our payment system connection methods, please see here.


There are fees involved in introducing our payment services.
We provide individualized estimates based on the content of the consultation.
In addition, the breakdown of implementation fees differs depending on the payment methods, so please contact us for details.

Breakdown of main implementation fees

Initial fee

Fee required when introducing our payment services. Billed once during the first month of implementation.

Fixed monthly fee

Fixed cost for the use and operation of the payment system each month.

Settlement fee

Fee incurred based on settlement amount. This fee is paid to the settlement institutions (credit card payment companies, convenience stores, etc.) for each payment method.

Payment service usage fee

Fee incurred based on the settlement amount that is paid to us.

Transaction fee

Fee for payment processing between the merchant and us. This fee is incurred for each sale or cancellation processed.


When applying, please submit the application form and necessary documents.
By presenting the following items, you can apply even before your site is live.

Submit application form

We will send you our designated application form. Please fill in the form with the following required items and submit it.

Required items

・Company information (must match certified copy of register)
・Account for payment
・Payment methods to be used (credit card payments, mobile carrier billings, etc.)
・Desired start date
・IP restrictions for management tool
・Payment system connection method / IP address

Prepare required documents

We will inform you of the necessary documents. While they differ depending on the payment methods, the main documents required are as follow.

Main documents required

・Merchant application form
・Explanation of products handled
・Certified copy of register
・Seal certificate

Prior to site launch

In the even your site is not yet live, please submit an overview of your services (materials that explain the content of your services). The main items required on your service overview document are as follow.

Main items required on service overview

・Site concept
・Content of products provided
・Billing scope (price range for each product)
・Screen redirection diagram (enrolling on site, paying, withdrawing membership)
・ Notation under the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions


Bulk vetting is possible for all of the payment methods you wish to use. However, the content of the vetting will differ depending on the settlement institutions.
While vetting can take as little as 2 weeks, the content and time frame will differ depending on the payment methods.

*Please note that vetting times may take longer, such as when confirmation is needed for some items.

Vetting precautions

Please note that vetting may be suspended if anything is incomplete with regard to your site content, notation under the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions, or content of your application.

System configuration

We will configure and provide a payment system exclusively for you. Configuration will take between a few days and about 2 weeks depending on the payment methods and settings.
We also offer a shared test environment for use by you as well as our other merchants. You can develop your connection using the shared test environment until the merchants’ dedicated payment system is configured.

System connection

You will need to develop a connection between your site and the dedicated payment system we provide.
In principle, any programming language can be used as long as it supports sending and receiving HTTP GET / POST requests.
System specifications for developers and development contractors can be found on the Developer Console technical support site.

Start of use

Once the above system connection is complete, you will be able to accept payments through the payment methods introduced.

*Start date will vary depending on the status of the settlement institution vettings.
*You can find frequently asked questions about payment methods, systems, and applications on the FAQ page.
*Please note that we do not provide our Online Payment Services to sole proprietors.



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