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LP-PCR3.0 BT Easy with your smartphone
Credit Card Payment

High-performance Credit Card Payment can be introduced at low cost

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Features of LP-PCR3.0 BT

  • UnionPay compatible
  • IC card compatible
  • Built-in receipt printer

Corresponding communication carrier

Corresponding communication carrier

* We also support Wi-Fi terminals.

Supported card brands

We will not miss a business opportunity with abundant card brands.
It is expected to attract tourists to Japan by supporting "UnionPay".

Supported card brands

Price overview

  • Initial cost
    0 Yen
  • Monthly cost
    0 Yen
  • Transaction costs
    0 Yen
  • Settlement fee
    Credit Card Payment: 3.24% ~
  • * The above prices do not include tax. Some items are tax exempt.
  • * A separate payment terminal fee will be charged. Please check the price and application.

Payment method

Since it supports various payment methods, it is possible to make payments according to the customer's wishes.

  • One-time payment
  • Pay twice
  • Installment payment
  • Revolving payment
  • Bonus lump sum payment

Sales deposit cycle

You can choose the deposit cycle according to the business of the merchants.
By using the "early / multiple deposit option", you can select the sales deposit cycle up to 6 times a month.

  • Deposit twice a month *
  • Deposit 3 times a month
  • Deposit 4 times a month
  • Deposit 6 times a month
  • There is a pre-screening when applying for "early / multiple deposit options". In addition, a separate fee is required to use it.
    * Please check here for the normal deposit cycle.

How to use

Install the card payment application "Anywhere" on your smartphone / tablet and
You can use Credit Card Payment by linking with a payment terminal.

Payment terminal and printer

Payment terminal fully compliant with PCI DSS V3.0
It also supports credit cards equipped with IC chips, allowing you to make payments safely and securely.

Payment terminal Card reader and PIN pad

A card reader that can be carried compactly. It is a Credit Card Payment terminal that also supports magnetic reading.

決済端末LP-PCR3.0 BT カードリーダー兼PINパッド Terminal nameLP-PCR3.0 BT
connectionBluetooth connection, micro USB connection
body size(W) 59mm x (D) 15mm x (H) 90mm (weight) 75g
  • Card reader JIS1 ・ 2 (single head) / contact IC (EMV L1 ・ 2 compliant) / non-contact IC (scheduled to start using 22/3)

Receipt printer

Businesses that wish to pay in installments, and merchants that want to hand over merchants on paper
Please use a compatible receipt printer.

Compatible receipt printer Terminal nameNEX-M2302
connectionBluetooth connection
body size(W) 91mm x (D) 148.5mm x (H) 63.5mm
  • Printing: Thermal method
  • If you want to carry it, you will need a separate battery.
  • Click here for detailed product information