Flow of introduction and use of Payment services for in-stores | SB payment service for PSP

Flow of using Payment services for in-stores

Getting Started

①Contact us online

You can contact us via the website.
After applying, we will provide you with instructions regarding document submission *, so please check them.

Multi payment terminal


Credit cards

Electronic money

QR payments

Credit card payment terminal

Enables high-performance credit card payments at low cost

Credit cards

POS-linked multi payment terminal

Speedy integration with host systems including POS and unmanned registers

Credit cards

Electronic money

QR payments

Dedicated QR code payment app

Simple and easy to install app

QR payments

Dedicated QR code payment API

Link with POS cash registers via API connection

QR payments

② Notification of examination results

After confirming the details of the application details, we will vetting.
We will inform you of the examination results by email.

[If you wish to have a brand handled by JCB]
After the vetting is completed, we will handle the application for JCB card affiliated stores.
JCB will contact you regarding the procedures for brands handled by JCB and the vetting.

③ Terminal shipping

As soon as we can confirm the return of the application form, we will arrange the terminal shipping and ship it in sequence.
The terminal price will be offset against the sales amount for the following month. If no sales have been made, we will send you an invoice, so please make a payment to us.

* PayCAS: The terminal price will be billed separately by SB C & S Co., Ltd.

④ Start using!

Once the terminal has arrived, you can set it up and start using it.

* App S! Can: Start using the downloaded app.
API POS interlocking: Please connect to the SBPS system and start using it.

Required documents

* Required documents vary depending on the application category. Please check the following before applying.

[For corporations]

One of the following documents is required

  • Register copy (extract) book
  • Present (history) matter certificate
  • * Documents within 3 months from the date of issuance
  • * If permission or registration is required for business, a copy of the permit etc.

[For sole proprietors]

One of the following documents is required

  • Driver's license
  • Japanese passport (passport)
  • Basic Resident Register Card
  • Seal registration certificate
  • Residence card
  • Special Permanent Resident Certificate
  • * Name, address, and date of birth
  • * Within the expiration date or within 6 months from the date of issuance
  • * If you need a business permit, a copy of it
  • * Documents with My Number cannot be received.

Qualification documents

Restaurant business Restaurant business permit, etc.
curio dealer Secondhand dealer permit
Hairdressing shop Barber license or hairdresser license
Liquor sales business Liquor sales license
Passenger transportation business General Passenger Car Transportation Business Permit
Travel business / travel agency business Travel agency registration card (1 to 3 types)
Travel agency agency registration card
medical care Doctor's license

In addition to the above, if you have any qualification documents, permits, etc. obtained for conducting business, please submit a copy.
(Even if you do not submit it, we may ask you to submit it if we deem it necessary.)


  • A review is required to use the "Payment services for in-stores". Please note that it may not be available depending on the content of your application.
  • When using "card payment terminal, Multi payment terminal", please refer to "SBPS Credit Card Merchant Agreement <for face-to-face transactions>", "UnionPay Card Merchant Special Contract" and "Credit Inquiry Terminal Use Special Contract" established by SB Payment Service. Please apply after consenting.
  • To use "card payment terminal, Multi payment terminal", you need to agree to the "Anywhere Terms of Use" established by Link Processing Co., Ltd.
  • To use "POS-linked Multi payment terminal Verifone (PayCAS)", you need to agree to the "C & S payment service agreement" established by SB C & S Corp.
  • "Card payment terminal, Multi payment terminal, code payment service" payment terminal will be provided by loan, and "POS-linked Multi payment terminal Verifone (PayCAS)" payment terminal will be sold.
  • Depending on the content of your application, some payment methods may not be available.
  • You can check the verified operation compatible terminals here.
  • A separate application form is required to use Verifone (PayCAS). In addition, system-linked development and electronic money certification may be required.