What is S! Can that specializes in QR code payment? | SB payment service for PSP

Code payment service Specializing in QR code payment
Payment services for in-stores

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* Corresponding QR code payment will be expanded in the future.
* Fees vary depending on the payment institution you apply for.
* JKOPAY does not support VEGA3000.

Code payment service

  • Support payments for inbound tourism
  • Easy introduction with the app
  • Easy payment without credit card

Service provision method

You can choose from three types of methods: application provision, terminal provision, and API provision according to the needs of the merchants.

App provided

QR payment compatible cash register application S! Can that can be easily introduced

  • Can be installed on your smartphone or tablet device
  • You can reduce the initial cost and monthly cost
  • Easy operation within the app for checking transaction history and responding to refunds

Price overview

  • Initial cost
    5,000 yen
    (Store unit)
  • Monthly cost
    300 yen
    (Store unit)
  • * The above prices do not include tax.

  • S! can
  • S! can

Version: iOS 8.0 or above / Android 4.4 or above
* A separate application to our company is required to use this service. After applying, we will link your login account information to S! Can.

Credit card other than QR code payment
Electronic money is possible
Multi payment terminal "VEGA 3000"

  • One unit can handle a wide range of payment brands and meet all needs for small to high payments.
  • QR code and 2D barcode can be read with a scanning scanner
  • With a printer integrated type, the area around the cash register is also neat.

Price overview

  • Initial cost
    20,000 Yen
  • Monthly cost
    2,500 yen
  • Terminal cost
    59,800 yen
  • Transaction costs
    [Credit Card Payment] 5 yen
    [Electronic money] 0 yen
    [QR code payment] 5 yen
  • Scan scanner
    9,800 yen
  • * The above prices do not include tax.
  • * If you only want to pay by credit Credit Card Payment, or if you only want to pay by Credit Card Payment and Electronic money-commerce, the initial cost and monthly fee will be different. Please check the price and application.
API provided

Cooperation with POS cash register by API connection

  • Streamlining cash register accounting
  • Centralized management of sales information for multiple stores
  • Analysis and visualization of sales, inventory, customer management and purchasing data

* It is necessary for the merchants to develop by referring to our API specifications.
* Please contact us for specifications.

Price overview

  • Initial cost
    30,000 yen
  • Monthly cost
    20,000 Yen
  • * The above prices do not include tax.

How to use the S! Can app

S! Can is a method to read the QR code presented by the customer.

  • * Some settlement fees are exempt from tax.