Mobile Credit Card Payment terminal LP-PCR3.0 BT Continuous billing | SB Payment Service

What is continuous billing?

By using the functions of our Online Payment Service together with the payment terminal LP-PCR3.0 BT, you will be able to continue to charge customers. We recommend it to merchants that require regular billing, such as monthly membership fees and regular sales of products.

  • * To use the service, a usage fee for the Online Payment Service is required in addition to the terminal payment service. In addition, it is necessary to develop a connection between the merchants 's system and our system.

Usage scene

  • Sports club

    Sports club

    You can complete the payment of the admission fee at the store counter by Credit Card Payment, and you can continue to charge the monthly membership fee at a later date using the card information and membership number.

  • Real estate rent

    Real estate rent

    Security deposits, key money, etc. can be Credit Card Payment at the store, and rents from the next month onward can be continuously charged for the card information registered in a non-face-to-face manner.

Terms of use

  • To use the continuous billing function, you need to subscribe to the Online Payment Service in addition to the terminal payment service contract. In addition, please contact us as there is an additional cost to use the Online Payment Service.
  • Development is required to connect the merchants 's system and our system.