Mobile Credit Card Payment terminal LP-PCR3.0 BT Charges | SB Payment Service

LP-PCR3.0 BT Price

Terminal name LP-PCR3.0 BT
Corresponding card brand payment method One-time payment, two-time payment, installment payment, revolving payment, bonus lump sum payment
One-time payment

We will act as an agent for your application.

Settlement fee * 3.24%~

It depends on the type of business that uses this service. Please check here for details.

Initial cost / monthly usage fee free
Terminal cost 21,000 yen (excluding tax)

The payment terminal will be provided by loan.

Sales deposit cycle Deposit twice a month

Payment up to the 15th of every month on the last day of the month
Deposit sales by the end of each month on the 15th of the following month

Sales transfer fee free
  • JCB, American Express, Diners Club, and DISCOVER need to be reviewed by JCB Co., Ltd.
    The settlement fee is determined by the contract between JCB Co., Ltd. and the merchants.
    * Price does not include tax. Some items are tax exempt.

Compatible printer

Product model number NEX-M2302
Selling price [Stationary type] Printer body only
22,200 yen (excluding tax)
[Portable] Printer body + battery
27,200 yen (excluding tax)
  • If you want to carry it around, please use the "portable type".
  • Printers are only available for purchase.
  • If you apply for a payment method other than "one-time payment", you will need to use a printer.