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Make payment of purchase price cashless and eliminate waiting time for customers. Furthermore, it is possible to level the work of store staff and save labor.

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BOOKOFF CORPORATION LIMITED IT Service Planning Department Service Planning Group Manager Takashi Kiyokawa

* Service names, departments, job titles, etc. are as of March 2020.

Business content

BOOKOFF CORPORATION LIMITED, Ltd. conducts over-the-counter purchases that turn unnecessary items into money in a matter of seconds by simply bringing products to Book Off stores 365 days a year. At some Book Off stores, we offer a "smartphone pick-up course" where customers pay the purchase price cashlessly when they sell unnecessary items. If you accept at the store and deposit what you want to sell, you can use it for shopping or hobbies without waiting for the purchase price to be calculated in the store. When the assessment at the store is completed, the customer's smartphone will be notified of the completion of the calculation, and the purchase price can be received by the specified method.

Background of introduction of POBO Service(Payment be half of)

One of our issues was that when the purchases at stores were crowded, the waiting time for customers was inevitably long. In the past, the purchase price could only be delivered in cash, so customers had no choice but to wait in the store, and many people commented that the waiting time was long. If the purchase price can be passed in a non-cash manner, the customer will be able to sell unnecessary items more easily, and the customer's time will be effectively utilized. We considered a new method of delivering the purchase price using the "multi-value charge service" of Yamato System Development Co., Ltd., which is linked with the "POBO Service(Payment be half of)" of the SB payment service that allows customers to pay.

Effect of introducing POBO Service(Payment be half of)

From November 2019, we started the service of "Receive with smartphone". Although the awareness of the service is still low, the biggest merit for customers is that they do not have to wait in the store, and the number of people who use it repeatedly is increasing. As a happy voice, we have received specific voices such as "It is convenient if you can receive it with services provided by telecommunications companies such as prepaid cards." On the other hand, at stores, it also helps to level and save labor in the work that we usually do. In the future, we believe that further effects can be expected if more customers can use the "pick-up course on smartphones".

Image of using "Receive course on smartphone"

* For the payment method, the services provided by SB Payment Service are listed among the payment methods of the "Smartphone Pickup Course".

Future service development

At the beginning of November 2019, 120 of all Book Off stores started the "Receive with smartphone" service, but from the spring of 2020, 650 nationwide so that more customers can use it. We plan to expand the service beyond the stores. In addition, we will aggressively expand the payment methods for purchase prices to create a system that can be used by a wide range of generations. Taking the opportunity of the "pick-up course on smartphones", we will continue to strive to improve the service that allows customers to easily sell unnecessary items.

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