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“Golf Do!”, a golf club buying and selling company AI fraud detection
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The e-commerce site "Golf Do!" operated by Golfdo Co.,Ltd. buys golf clubs and sells new and used golf clubs and golf-related supplies from famous domestic and international manufacturers. We centrally manage inventory at 76 directly managed stores and franchise stores nationwide, as well as on our e-commerce site, and aim to achieve omnichannel. In recent years, the number of young and female customers has been increasing, and due to the rise in the golf market, sales in fiscal 2020 have increased by 150% compared to the previous year.

Please tell us the background behind the introduction of "AI fraud detection" provided by SB Payment Service.

林 賢一さま

Initially, "Golf Do! had introduced an identity authentication service (3-D Secure) as a security measure. However, we frequently received inquiries from customers saying that they did not know how to use 3-D Secure, or that they could not buy a product because they pressed a different button on the way to the store, resulting in approximately 20% of items dropping out of the cart after being placed in the cart. AI fraud detection Since we deal with high-value, high-conversion products, we could not remove the 3-D Secure countermeasure. We consulted with SB Payment Service (SBPS) to see if there was a better way, and they introduced us to AI fraud detection, which SBPS offers.

What were the effects of introducing "AI fraud detection"?

The Advanced Plan for AI fraud detection allows 3-D Secure authentication to be displayed only on suspicious transactions by setting our own rules, so the number of transactions that display 3-D Secure is about one-fifth of what it used to be. decreased to With more than 80% of transactions proceeding to payment successfully, conversion rates have significantly improved, and we have been able to avoid fraud losses that used to cost hundreds of thousands of yen each month, which has had a very positive effect. You can check the scoring results from the management screen of "AI fraud detection", and I feel that it is very easy to see and the scoring accuracy is high. As fraudsters' methods change year by year, we will continue to monitor transactions regularly and tune the rule settings according to the situation.

寺岡 清二さま

Please tell us about future service development and prospects.

We plan to open a new store format called "Golf Do! NEXT" in April 2022 and develop it as a store with a sophisticated image. In line with this, the symbol mark and logo of "Golf Do!" have been completely renewed. We are also regularly renewing our e-commerce site and using web customer service tools to provide attentive customer service to young people and those purchasing golf equipment for the first time, and to improve the ease of purchase. I would like to do so. In the future, we will consider adding payment methods such as PayPay, which has the effect of attracting customers through large-scale campaigns, in order to increase conversions.

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