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Reduce customer waiting time by introducing mobile orders. The man-hours for accepting orders at stores have also been reduced, improving operations.

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Taishi Ochi, General Manager Gong cha Japan Marketing Headquarters

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Gong Cha, which was founded in Taiwan in 2006, is now a global brand with over 1,700 stores worldwide. Gong cha Japan, as the Japanese subsidiary of Goncha, is working to promote awareness of the Goncha brand, various tea menus including milk tea topped with pearls (tapioca), and a tea style where you can casually enjoy high-quality tea. We have 120 stores in Japan (as of the end of April 2022), including FC stores.

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Please tell us the background behind the introduction of mobile ordering.

We decided to consider introducing mobile ordering in response to the increasing needs during the coronavirus pandemic, easing store congestion, and expanding sales channels. While we are considering implementing the LINE mini app, which can be easily used by adding friends to the LINE official account, rather than a native app, we decided to use Four Globe Co., Ltd., which is linked to Online Payment Service of SB Payment Service Corp. We have decided to use "UZ apps for LINE (Mobile Order)" and have introduced mobile ordering.

Please tell us the background behind the introduction of mobile ordering.

What were the effects of introducing mobile ordering?

In December 2021, we released a mobile ordering service only at directly managed stores, and in March 2022 we started implementing it at all stores, including franchise stores. At the same time, when you make your first mobile order, we will issue a "1 drink service coupon" that can be used from next time onwards. The implementation of this "buy one, get one" campaign and stamp cards exclusively for mobile orders have been successful, and the usage rate of mobile orders is gradually increasing. In addition to reducing customer waiting time, this system also improves operations by reducing the number of man-hours required to receive orders at stores.

What were the effects of introducing mobile ordering?

Please tell us about future service development and prospects.

We currently have 120 stores (as of the end of April 2022), but we aim to achieve high-speed growth and expansion by promoting franchise expansion. As one of the world's leading global tea brands, we will continue to strive to further improve our services in order to create and disseminate a new tea culture.

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UZ apps for LINE (mobile order) allows you to easily install "takeout", "delivery", and "table payment" apps within LINE.

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