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Myoko Tourism Management

Myoko is pushing to become a “cashless city!”
Promoting tourism by implementing cashless payment and inbound tourism measures all at once.

Business content

Myoko Tourism Management, was established as the Myoko version DMO (Tourism Destination Management Organization), which serves as the steering wheel for tourism promotion in Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture, and is engaged in tourism promotion and regional promotion. Called "Myoko Town Cashless", the ski resorts of Myoko Kogen (Akakura Onsen Ski Resort, Ikenotaira Onsen Ski Resort, Myoko Suginohara Ski Resort), restaurants on the slopes, nearby restaurants, and Arai Road Station In every tourist scene in Myoko, we are promoting cashless activities throughout the city.

Background of introduction of cashless payment

At our company, we are trying to revitalize tourism in the entire city by cooperating with tourist companies and other people in various industries, but for inbound tourists in the snow season, which is increasing year by year, we will combine "cashless measures" with "cashless measures". "Multilingual measures" was an issue.
Therefore, with the support of the mobile order system "Putmenu" linked with SBPS payment services and the five ministries and agencies, the local revitalization project "Hot Spring General Election" that promotes tourism together with tourist municipalities nationwide. We aim to increase consumption in the tourism scene and improve tourist satisfaction by simultaneously implementing "cashless measures" and "multilingual measures" for domestic and foreign tourists who visit Myoko in cooperation. rice field.

Effect of introducing cashless payment

The mobile ordering system "Putmenu" is a system that supports 12 languages and allows you to place orders and pay in advance using your smartphone. As a result of increasing user contact points by introducing "Putmenu" to multiple spots where inbound customers experience consumption during their stay in Myoko and providing it to users as a "cashless app for each Myoko town", for example, purchasing lift tickets. After that, not only was eating and drinking on the slopes promoted the use of the hot spring town at night along with user behavior experiences such as dinner, but it became possible to visualize user consumption behavior including purchase and eating information. .. In addition, domestic tourists can also make local ski rentals on busy weekends and place orders and payments at slope restaurants on-site by having users make advance orders and payments on their smartphones through the "Myoko Street Cashless App". It is now possible to provide services without having to wait. In addition, all orders and payments are made online, improving man-hour productivity and helping to combat labor shortages.

Image of using "Myoko Town Cashless App"

* Supports 12 languages.

* Introduced payment methods differ depending on each facility.

Future service development

This project solves "cashless measures" and "multilingual measures" at the same time in accordance with measures to attract customers not only in the snow season but also in the green season in order to further improve satisfaction and increase consumption for inbound customers, which are increasing year by year. We would like to expand "Cashless for every Myoko town".

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* Introduced payment methods differ depending on each facility.

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"Putmenu" is a mobile ordering system that allows you to order products and make payments on your smartphone.
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