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By introducing CVS Payment, which allows payments to be made 24 hours a day,
This reduces the burden on customers, reduces irregular shipments due to waiting for payment, and improves operational efficiency.

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Keiko Nishibu, Chief Marketing Department, Ohba Corporation

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Founded in 1935, Ohba Corporation continues to focus on handcrafted bags that cannot be imitated by mass production, from the selection of materials to the process, and is a company that manufactures bags with sincerity that are loved even by the imperial family. Manufacturer. For many years, we have continued to explore authentic bags, and with our unchanging manufacturing philosophy, we have won numerous awards at various competitions, including the Minister of Education Award 7 times in a row, the Minister of International Trade and Industry Award, the Tokyo Governor's Award 11 times, and the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award. We have received awards.

Please tell us the background behind the introduction of CVS Payment on Shopify.

Before our renewal, many customers on our e-commerce site chose cash payments such as cash on delivery or postal transfer, but since our products are made to order, we ask customers to pay for the product in advance. , I wanted to create a flow of product creation and shipping. Therefore, when we renovated our site with Shopify, which we use, we considered a cash payment option that would replace cash on delivery or postal payments, and which was also familiar to customers, and decided to introduce CVS Payment services provided by SB Payment Service. It has arrived.

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What were the effects of introducing CVS Payment?

Before the introduction, there were many inquiries related to irregularities in shipping operations due to cash on delivery redeliveries, date changes, and waiting for postal transfer payments. However, with CVS Payment, payments can be made 24 hours a day, which reduces the number of such inquiries and ultimately improves the efficiency of the corresponding department.

Please tell us what you are satisfied with about SB Payment Service's services.

EMV 3-D secure Credit Card Payment. Thanks to the introduction of security measures, as of July 2022, no unauthorized use has occurred since the site was renewed.
In addition, the SB Payment Service is attractive for its wide variety payment methods, so we are considering introducing other payment methods such as PayPay in the future.

Message from SB Payment Service Sales Representative


Shopify, which has been rapidly gaining attention in recent years, is used by more than 1 million shops in 175 countries around the world, and it is possible to build a site with an excellent design without knowledge of HTML or CSS, and it has SNS integration and functions. A major feature is that various sales measures can be implemented by combining expansion (utilization of apps). SB Payment Service collaborates with Shopify to provide a wide range payment methods including Credit Card Payment, CVS Payment, Mobile Carrier Billing, PayPay, and Rakuten Pay. By introducing CVS Payment this time, Ohba Corporation was able to approach and meet the needs of users who want to pay with cash instead of using credit cards. As the channels through which consumers access e-commerce sites and the purchasing situations are diversifying, expanding payment methods has become an important element that will greatly lead to preventing abandoned carts and increasing sales on e-commerce sites. At SB Payment Service, we offer a wide range of payment methods and EC cart systems to solve payment issues for each EC merchants, so please feel free to contact us.

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