What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a payment methods that allows you to pay for products, etc. using the credit card information registered in your Google account. Credit card brands are Visa, Mastercard, JCB and American Express. With Google Pay, you can make payments easier and faster by eliminating the need to enter card information.

Features of Google Pay

No need for troublesome information input Prevents baskets from dropping and improves sales of EC sites

  • Customers can easily pay with their usual Google account.
    Since payment can be made without entering information such as credit card information and address, it will prevent the EC site from dropping and contribute to sales improvement.

Flow of payment using Google Pay

How Google Pay works

How Google Pay works

Functions provided

  • Connection methods
    Link type API type
    - ○ 
  • Billing methods
    Pay-as-you-go Recurring (simple) Recurring (fixed / metered)
    - -
  • Available websites
    PC Smartphone Mobile phone

* Click here for the Google Pay API development page

Connection method that allows you to build your payment screen freely. >API type details
Billing method that charges each time a product is purchased. >Billing method details
Billing method that continuously charges a specified amount on a billing date set by us. >Billing method details
Billing method that charges based on an amount and billing period specified by you. >Billing method details

Case study

  • Since the start of Google Pay's service in Japan, we have introduced Google Pay through our online payment ASP.


What is Google Pay?
A contactless payment service that can be used on Android devices. Payment will be made using the credit card information registered in your Google account.
Can Google Pay be introduced as a payment methods for smartphone apps?
You can install it by implementing the Google Pay API in your smartphone app.
Are there any conditions for devices that can use Google Pay?
Any browser that supports Google can be used on any device.

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