What are Link type connections?

Link type connections bring up a payment screen provided by SB Payment Service to process payments.
They can be introduced quickly and easily without the need for merchants to configure their own payment screen.

Introduction to other connection methods


  • The payment screen offers a responsive design that optimized for multiple devices.
  • A simple UI design makes it intuitive and easy to use.
  • The seamless payment screen prevents cart abandonment.

Link type payment screen usage example

*Depending on the smartphone used, customers can use the camera to scan in their credit card number.

Our new payment screen has been provided to customers who apply after March 9, 2020.

Link type payment mechanism

Here we explain the Link type payment mechanism. Please see the structure of the process below, from selecting the payment method through to payment processing.
Please feel free to contact us regarding the processing flow and other details.

Link type payment mechanism

Link type payment mechanism

Implementation method

Please see the About Implementation page regarding the procedures from application to start of use.
We will provide an estimate of usage costs (fees, etc.) after inquiring about your details.



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