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Personal authentication service (EMV 3-D Secure)


In principle, all e-commerce sites are required to implement EMV 3-D Secure by the end of March 2025.

Personal authentication service (EMV 3-D Secure)

Identity authentication services are services that make Credit Card Payment on the Internet more secure. The 3-D Secure identity authentication service is a service that authenticates the identity of the cardholder by entering the password registered in advance with the card issuer in addition to information such as the credit card number and expiration date at the time of payment. In addition, since September 2021, we have provided EMV 3-D Secure, which allows only those who are suspected of unauthorized use to authenticate themselves with a one-time password.
The Credit Card Security Guidelines [Version 5.0] require all e-commerce sites to implement EMV 3-D Secure by the end of March 2025.
Learn how to deploy EMV3-D Secure.


Prevents identity theft by unauthorized users

Damages caused by fraudulent credit card use are increasing in online transactions.
With the Identity Authentication Service, verification is done using a password or one-time code that only the cardholder could know, allowing you to prevent "spoofed" payments with stolen cards by unauthorized users.

We also offer other solutions to counter fraudulent use.

Reduces risk of chargebacks

When a credit card is used by a third party, the card company will refuse to pay the merchants for the sale (a chargeback).
In principle, card companies do not issue chargebacks for payments that have gone through personal authentication. (There are some exceptions and rules for each brand)

(EMV 3-D Secure) Only verifies those suspected of fraudulent use

EMV 3-D Secure analyzes multiple data points in real time to determine possible unauthorized use, including credit card usage history, the device used by the person making the card payment, as well as the delivery address for the product at the time of purchase. Authentication will only be performed on cardholders suspected of fraudulent use.
Cardholders not suspected of fraudulent use can save the trouble of verifying their identity, making for smoother transactions.


Supported brands

The following brands support 3-D Secure and EMV 3-D Secure respectively. For other credit cards brands, transactions will be conducted as normal without personal authentication even after introducing this service.
(While the name differs for each brand, it is generally called "3-D Secure." "3-D Secure" is the name of the personal authentication service provided by VISA.)

Supported brands

Supported brands

Supported devices

The service can be used on PCs and smartphone.
The Identity Authentication Service is not available for use on regular mobile phones (feature phones).

*For payments on regular mobile phones, transactions will be conducted as normal without personal authentication even after introducing this service.

Connection methods

If you are introducing an identity authentication service, it is mandatory to use Link Type system connection method.
How to install EMV3-D Secure

Usage Examples

Below is a example of identity authentication. The content displayed may differ depending on the supported brand or other factors.

3-D Secure

Usage Examples

Usage Examples

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