Tokenization service (dedicated tablet device)

It is a proprietary service (Patent No. 6433573) that combines credit card number tokenization* with a tablet device provided by us for rental. Entering credit card information into a dedicated tablet device will issue a “permanent token.” Since payment is made by entering this "permanent token" into a merchants’ system instead of the credit card number, Non-retention of credit card information can still be achieved even with the token passing through. In addition, since the "permanent token" has the same number of digits as a credit card, merchants who used to enter card numbers will not need to make major changes to their ordering systems, significantly reducing costs for non-retention.

  • A technology that replaces credit card numbers with a separate string of character (a token) that is saved and used. It is used in reducing the scope of vetting for credit card number management qualifications (PCI DSS) among other applications.

Non-Retention of Credit Card Information

[Significantly reduce costs]Credit card numbers are tokenized with a string of character with the same number of digits, allowing merchants to achieve credit card information non-retention without major modifications to merchants’ order systems.

Recurring Billing Also Possible

[Ideal for regular purchases and insurance payments] Since the relationship between credit card number and permanent tokens is unambiguous in principle, the permanent tokens can also be used for recurring billing.

Reduced Scope of Operational Changes

[Minimal operational changes]A QR code and barcode will also be displayed alongside the permanent token. Scanning it witha reader*will instantly input it into merchants’ system, minimizing the scope of operational changes compared to other non-retention services.
*Merchants must provide your own QR code/barcode reader.

Achieve a Secure Environment

[Control data leak risks]Since permanent tokens cannot be converted back to the original credit card numbers, there is no need to worry about fraudulent use even in the event of a data leak.

Recommended for these kind of merchants

Flow diagram

The Tokenization service can be used with credit card payment.

Interview article published in Cashless Payment Revolution (Nikkei MOOK)