Admin Portal / Payment Management Tool

What is the admin portal / payment management tool?

Data on payments made through our Online Payment Services can be checked in real time from the admin portal / payment management tool.

Its functions include processing sales, refunds, and recurring billing cancellations, CSV downloads of data searched, and more.

It also offers centralized management of multiple sites that use our payment services.

The admin portal / payment management tool page can be accessed online from a merchant’s usual PC or other device.

Main functions of the admin portal / payment management tool

Here we introduce the main functions available with the admin portal / payment management tool. Various other functionality is available as well.

Search Payment Data

Invoice search

Search the payment processing history of each invoice by categories like period or payment status, or by specifying by various types of IDs.
These search results can also be downloaded in CSV format.

Aggregate reports

You can extract aggregate sales reports by month, day, payment method, or various other data segments and display them on screen or download them in CSV format.

Process Payment Data

Sales processing

Merchants using our designated settlement method can process invoices (sales processing) to confirm billing for payment data that lines of credit have been acquired for.
For credit card payments, batch sales processing is also available for payment data between specified dates.

Cancellation and refund processing

You can process cancellations and refunds for invoices that have already been paid or credited. For credit card payments, partial refunds can also be processed.

Cancellation processing for recurring billing (simplified)

Cancellations can be processed for customers being billed through recurring billing (simplified). This feature can be used in cases where a cardholder contacts you to cancel a recurring charge.

Try a demo

You can see how our admin portal / payment management tool works and check its usability through a demo page. Please feel free to contact us for details.