Service overview

Fraudulent Transaction Detection Solution "Accertify" is a cloud solution that detects fraudulent transactions in online payments and online banking.
In addition to credit cards and prepaid cards, we also detect fraudulent use of points and account hijacking, and solve the following issues related to fraudulent transaction detection by merchants.

・ I want to respond to fraud detection of various payment methods
・ The fraudulent transaction check can only be applied to some parts.
・ Cannot be checked on the company's caution list
・ The rules and scoring have not been improved in a timely manner.
・ I want to flexibly connect to my system
・ I want to shorten the time to start operation

Features of "Accertify"

Features of Accertify

・ In addition to credit cards and prepaid cards, it is also effective against unauthorized use of points.
・ Highly responsive scoring and easy-to-use review screen improve check efficiency
・ Various rules can be revised from the GUI, and can be revised in a timely manner.
・ It is possible to connect by minimizing the system repair load of merchants.
・ Since it is a cloud service, system installation is easy.
・ Various customizations such as screens, rules, permissions, etc. are possible.


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