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"Sub.", A subscription support system for stores

Service overview

The subscription introduction support system "Sub." For stores has acquired repeaters and provides payments to retain customers. Even if you do not have IT or payment expertise, you can easily subscribe and make flat-rate payments with Sub. There is no need to purchase dedicated equipment. It can be installed in a minimum of one week. It is often used in beauty salons such as beauty salons and relaxation salons, and stores such as personal gyms.

Installation method

Getting started with Sub. Is very easy with the following 3 steps.

  1. Select and fill in the subscription amount, description, etc. according to the Excel guide
  2. Prepare images of stores and products to be posted on the site
  3. Submit the above to the sales representative of Viewn Corp.

How to purchase and use

The procedure for customers to purchase and use a subscription is as follows.

  1. Read the QR code of POP with your smartphone
  2. Purchase a subscription card by entering credit card information, etc.
  3. Show the purchase membership card to the staff and receive the product

What you can do with Sub. (Example)

Subscription (continuous billing)

The credit card registered from the customer's smartphone will automatically be charged continuously every month.
Not only subscriptions but also payments can be made each time, so you can use Sub.'S Credit Card Payment for product sales and payment of treatment costs each time.


You can issue electronic coupon tickets that can be used on your smartphone. Information such as how many times the customer has visited the store and how many more are left can be checked at any time on the management screen.

Notifications / emails to customers

Notices can be posted on the site for members. Since we hold the email address, we can also contact customers individually.

Recruitment number limit

It is possible to limit the number of applicants (number of sales). Sales will end automatically when the specified number of sales is reached. In addition, when a cancellation person comes out after that, sales for the vacant space will be automatically resumed.

Achievement control

From the management screen, you can check the daily and monthly sales and usage records.

If you are considering introducing a subscription to a physical in-store, please feel free to contact us from the following.

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