Service overview

It is an all-in-one platform for general mail order that supports annual sales of 10 billion scale from ASP cart replacement.
It is the only service in the industry that allows seamless service switching to a customized model, enabling expansion of medium- to long-term business strategies.

Recommended for those who:

"I want to renew from the ASP cart"
"I'm looking for a cloud service with a wealth of standard functions."
"Security measures at the level of major companies are necessary"


  • ・Equipped with more than 1,000 top-class functions in the industry.
  • ・You can seamlessly switch to a customized model and expand the system without stopping growth.
  • ・We have a track record of an occupancy rate of 99.97%, and there is stability to prevent opportunity loss even when access is concentrated on sales and SNS.
W2 Unified


W2 Co., Ltd.
W2 Co., Ltd.

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