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Service overview

By adding just one line of JavaScript tag to the Japanese EC site, overseas sales to 125 countries around the world are realized!

"WorldShopping BIZ" is the simplest cross-border e-commerce support service currently introduced by about 400 shops from major fashion brands to small and medium-sized local sites.
We develop and provide multilingual support, overseas payment, and overseas delivery as a comprehensive cross-border EC compatible service for all businesses that want to start overseas sales.

WorldShopping BIZ Checkout Key Features

[Multilingual support] ・ ・ ・ "Multilingual navigation" optimized for overseas users by inserting a single line of JavaScript tag into the website to identify the overseas IP address and browser language. "Form that does not require kana input" , Etc. will be displayed, and orders will be accepted in the World Shopping cart.

[Overseas payment] ... Supports various payment methods such as major credit cards, Paypal and UnionPay card Alipay.

[Overseas delivery] ... World Shopping will create invoices and arrange international mail.

[Others] ... Customer support is also provided by World Shopping (Zig-Zag).

Service flow (image from order reception to overseas delivery)

In-house EC site can be used overseas in as little as one day! easy! cheap!

All you have to do is add a line of JavaScript tags to your e-commerce site.
With just that, we will be able to sell overseas to 125 countries around the world.
The introduction cost is an initial cost of 30,000 yen (excluding tax), a monthly cost of 5,000 yen (excluding tax), and no sales commission.

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