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Have you taken measures?
Non-retention of credit card information
Please leave it to us for non-holding measures.

Let's understand with 3 minutes manga! Non-holding measures

merchants realize non-holding or
PCI DSS compliance is required.

Damage caused by fraudulent use of credit cards is increasing year by year.
The revised installment sales law will be enforced to curb this.

(Source: Credit Association "Credit Card Unauthorized Use Damage Status")

What is non-retention?

In the equipment and networks owned by the merchants
Do not "save", "process", or "pass" the card information.

Do not save does not process Do not let it pass

We will propose non-holding measures that meet the needs of merchants!

I want to introduce a solution and realize non-holding

Token Functions Email Payment Link Service IVR Payment Service Link Type connection method Tokenization service (MOTO) Credit Card Information Storage Service

I want to manage card information in-house in compliance with PCI DSS

SAQ Development Support Services Cardholder data detection service PCI DSS Education e-Learning

For those who say, "But I don't know what to introduce."
Try "Non-Retention Diagnosis" which is easy to understand

Interview article published in Cashless Payment Revolution (Nikkei MOOK)