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Renewal of standard plan for “AI fraud detection”

November 6, 2023

SB Payment Service Corp.

From November 6, 2023, SB Payment Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SBPS") will introduce a standard plan for "AI Fraud Detection," a fraud detection service that utilizes AI provided by SBPS, with content specifically designed to counter credit master attacks. We would like to inform you that it has been renewed.
By using the "AI Fraud Detection" standard plan, business operators can set default rules specifically designed to counter Credit Master attacks, and can automatically block certain transactions that are repeatedly executed *.

About Credit Master Attack

Credit Master Attack refers to the act of fraudulently obtaining another person's card number by exploiting rules such as the number of digits on the card. Mainly, in order to identify whether a number automatically calculated and generated by a program or software is valid, if a credit card payment is accepted by abusing the payment page of an EC site, it will be recognized as a "valid card number". , or a "valid security code" to confirm the validity of a credit card. Card numbers identified through the Credit Master attack will be used fraudulently on other e-commerce sites. In addition, if a large number of authorizations occur due to a credit master attack, there is a risk of loss of sales opportunities, such as an increase in payment fees for business operators and the need to stop credit card payments due to server load. , businesses need to take precautions in advance.

About “AI fraud detection”

"AI fraud detection" is a service that detects fraudulent use using payment information and machine learning. By machine learning all fraud patterns and creating models with more than hundreds of millions of payment data per year, it is possible to calculate in real time the similarity with fraud patterns that are indistinguishable to humans as a score. Businesses that have introduced SBPS's Online Payment Service can select a plan from three plans according to their needs, and first of all, they can easily start using "AI fraud detection" for free.

Three plans for “AI fraud detection”

Please check here for more details. https://www.sbpayment.jp/solution/security/ai_fraud_detection/

SBPS will continue to provide highly convenient services that meet the needs of businesses.

  • *When using the standard plan for the first time, the default rules are not applied. It is the business operator's responsibility to apply the rules (including checking the rules and changing values).
  • -The company names, product / service names, and logos mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.

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