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[Award Ceremony Report] HDI AWARD 2024
Award ceremony for "Three Star Quality Rating (Corporate and Individual Evaluation)" held

June 7, 2024

SB Payment Service Corp.

The HDI AWARD 2024 award ceremony was held at Keio Plaza Hotel Shinjuku in May 2024.

The "Quality Rating" of the HDI Rating Benchmark is a rating system in which judges evaluate a company from the customer's perspective in accordance with evaluation criteria set based on the HDI international standard, and assign a four-level rating from three stars to no stars.

SB Payment Service's (hereinafter referred to as "SBPS") merchant support has been awarded the highest ranking of three stars in the "quality ratings" for telephone support by both companies and individuals.

[Awarded three-star quality rating (company)]
Members: Yoshikazu Doi, Yusuke Akama, Kurara Yamauchi, Ai Matsushima, Yui Kurakami, Ririko Yasuda, Makoto Tateishi, Masato Iwase

Upon receiving the award, Mr. Akamatsu, Section Manager of the Customer Support Section, Customer Service Department, Systems Headquarters, made the following comments:
“I am truly grateful for receiving such a wonderful award.
We were able to win this award through the combined efforts of our team, including the many members who could not be here today, and it has been a valuable success story for us.
I believe that this joy and the hard work that went into achieving this will become a powerful engine for the team's future growth.
With that engine in hand, we will continue to follow in the footsteps of the many companies represented here at this venue, and continue to work hard and forge ahead to further increase the value of the customer support industry.
Finally, I would like to declare our next goal of "aiming to achieve five stars" and use this as my closing remarks.

[Awarded a three-star quality rating (individual evaluation)]
Members: Makoto Tateishi, Ai Matsushima, Yui Kuragami, Ririko Yasuda, Masato Iwase

We would like to introduce the recipients of the individual awards.

Second Sales Headquarters, Sales Department 2, Section 2
Ai Matsushima (Former SBPS Partner Sales Representative)

We are extremely honored to receive such a positive evaluation.
We believe that customer support is possible only through two pillars: sales proposal activities and support.
We have always been conscious of trying to understand what our customers want, what their concerns are, and what they want to achieve as listeners, and then approach them from our side, and I believe this attitude was appreciated.
We will not rest on our laurels with this three-star rating and will continue to strive forward.

Second Sales Headquarters, Sales Department 2, Section 2
Yui Kurakami (Former SBPS Partner Sales Representative)

We are very pleased to receive this valuable three-star rating.
I feel that I was given this opportunity thanks to the support of my seniors in the team.
Due to the nature of our customer support desk, the assistance we provide is often somewhat complicated. Therefore, we make sure to communicate in language that is easy for staff from any department to understand, and we also make an effort to provide background information and additional information so that customers will be able to solve the problem themselves next time. We are very proud that these points have been recognized.
We will continue to work hard to receive better reviews.

Customer Support Section, Customer Service Department, Systems Headquarters
Masato Iwase (4 years of experience supporting SBPS member stores)

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to take on this valuable challenge.
I am very proud that we were able to successfully obtain three stars thanks to everyone's efforts.
We believe that the award we received this time is proof that we listen carefully to, face, and support the concerns we receive from our customers every day. We always exceed their expectations and make them feel glad that they contacted us.
I will make sure to convey this important message to everyone and will continue to work hard to maintain our three-star rating, and ultimately become the top star in our quest to achieve five stars.
Let's work together and do our best again this year!

Customer Support Section, Customer Service Department, Systems Headquarters
Makoto Tateishi (2 years of experience supporting SBPS member stores)

We are very pleased and proud to receive this three-star rating.
We would also like to thank all those involved who worked hard to ensure that this hotel received three stars.
I usually try to listen carefully to what the person on the phone is saying and make an effort to have a conversation, and to provide answers that get to the root of the inquiry, and it gave me a lot of confidence that these points were appreciated.
We hope that this award will serve as encouragement to the entire team and serve as a stepping stone for our ongoing efforts.

Customer Support Section, Customer Service Department, Systems Headquarters
Ririko Yasuda (2 years of experience supporting SBPS member stores)

In order to receive this award, we received support from many people, including trainees, employees, and team members.
I believe this is a result that I could never have achieved on my own.
In addition, until now, we have provided more concise answers to questions, but as a result of repeated guidance from our customers that "it's best to be a little more nosy," we are now able to provide customers with the maximum amount of knowledge we have.
We are currently working hard to provide just the right amount of information, keeping in mind that after we inform our affiliated stores that we can provide them with information, it is up to them to decide whether or not to actually provide it.
I will share this experience with other members and continue to work hard to further improve the quality of customer service at SBPS in the future.

The day began with a welcome performance by the classical entertainment unit MUSISTAR.

Afterwards, Tatsumi Yamashita, CEO of HDI-Japan, gave a congratulatory speech.

The venue was filled with excitement as the brass instrument girl group MOS put on a celebratory performance.

Congratulations to all the award recipients.
SBPS aims to continue to provide strong support to its member stores and will continue to work to strengthen its operations.

  • *Department, job title, etc. are current as of June 2024.

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