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With "w2Commerce" and "Repeat PLUS" provided by W2 solution
payment methods such as PayPay (Online Payment) are now available
-Added a Recurring billing(fixed term/pay-as-you-go) function that is highly needed for regular purchases to Mobile Carrier Billing

October 21, 2021

W2 Solution Corporation

SB Payment Service Corp.

w2 Solution Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "w2 Solution") and SB Payment Service Corp. (hereinafter "SBPS"), a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp., are the EC construction platforms "w2Commerce" and "w2Commerce" provided by SBPS's online payment service and w2 solution. We provide payment methods in cooperation with "Repeat PLUS", but from October 21, 2021, the cashless payment service PayPay (online payment) and carrier payment continuous billing (regular / pay-as-you-go) newly provided by PayPay Corp. ) Is supported.

payment methods that can be used with "w2 Commerce" and "Repeat PLUS"

"W2Commerce" and "Repeat PLUS" have been compatible with SBPS payment services such as Credit Card Payment, Mobile Carrier Billing (One-time billing-as-you-go), CVS Payment, and RakutenPay(Online). This time, we are regularly using the payment methods of PayPay (Online Payment), a cashless payment service that can attract customers to EC sites with more than 41 million registered users * 1, and Mobile Carrier Billing that can be easily paid together with mobile phone charges. We have added a Recurring billing(fixed term/pay-as-you-go) function that is highly needed for purchases. As a result, we can increase the added value of "w2Commerce" and "Repeat PLUS", acquire new users, and increase the average customer price, and we can expect further sales expansion.

Wallet payment PayPay (Online Payment), RakutenPay(Online)
Mobile Carrier Billings SoftBank Mobile Wallet, Docomo Mobile Carrier Billing, au Kantan Kessai (Easy Payment)
Credit Card Payment Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club International
CVS Payment Seven-Eleven, FamilyMart, Lawson, Ministop, Seicomart

Credit Card Payment and Mobile Carrier Billing also support Recurring billing(fixed term/pay-as-you-go), which is ideal for regular purchases and distribution meetings.

Benefits of SBPS Payment Service

  1. SBPS collectively provides contracts, settlements, systems, and operational support for various payment methods. Businesses can centrally manage the work from the introduction of payment to the operation, reducing the work load.
  2. Businesses that have introduced SBPS payment services can use the AI-based fraud detection service "AI fraud detection * 2" for free, so fraudulent transactions can be detected at an early stage.
  3. SBPS provides an advanced payment system that processes large-scale transactions of 4 trillion yen * 3 annually, and you can use it with peace of mind with stable payment processing.

About "w2 Commerce" and "Repeat PLUS"

■ "w2 Commerce"
"W2Commerce" is an all-in-one EC site construction system for comprehensive mail order that is equipped with front screen management, back office management, CRM marketing, CMS, etc. as standard equipment. While realizing stable EC site operation with the industry's No. 1 security, it also has functions for the latest marketing such as sales promotion such as sales and coupons, cooperation of SNS posting, etc.
"W2Commerce" has a plan "w2Commerce Value 5" that supports free version upgrades on the cloudcommerce platform and a plan "w2Commerce Enterprise" that allows customers to customize their own systems to flexibly respond to customer needs. It is a possible system.
As a result, once introduced, medium- to long-term system investment costs can be suppressed, and it has been highly evaluated by major operators.

<Characteristic function>
・ Function to automate order processing work
・ Multiple brand integration function
・ CMS functions such as coordination management

■ "Repeat PLUS"
A cloud-based mail-order system specializing in subscription commerce such as subscriptions. We support management tasks required for subscription commerce such as step mail, page-integrated purchase form, affiliate advertising management, telephone ordering system, and online / offline order integration.
In addition to having the functions required for subscription commerce, "Repeat PLUS" is equipped with a marketing tool with an average sales growth rate of 354% as standard equipment, and also has a full range of operation tools that realize a cost reduction of 60%. It is a service.

<Characteristic function>
・ CRM functions such as e-mail newsletter delivery / points / coupons / member rank
・ Function to automate order processing work
・ Offline order management function
・ LP custom design function
・ AB test function that can measure and compare created LPs
・ Advertisement management function that can measure the effect of each medium

W2 solution and SBPS will continue to expand the payment methods that can be used and provide highly convenient services that meet the needs of businesses.

  • * 1 Total number of registered accounts as of August 2021
  • * 2 Click here for details on "AI fraud detection".
  • * 3 2020 results

    -The company names and product / service names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.

Company Profile

W2 Solution Corporation

Representative Hiroki Yamada, CEO
Location 4-14-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 77th floor of Ginza Building
Established September 2, 2005
Business content (1) Research, marketing, and consulting for mail-order EC in general
(2) Research and development of our original EC / CRM package "w2Commerce"
③ Sales / development / introduction / maintenance support for "w2Commerce EP, V5" service
④ Development / sales / introduction / maintenance support of "Repeat PLUS", a specialized service for repeat mail order (regular purchase)
URL https://www.w2solution.co.jp/

SB Payment Service Corp.

Representative Jun Shinba, President and CEO
Location 1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Port City Takeshiba Office Tower
Established October 1, 2004
Business content Payment service, collection agency and corporate calculation office work, acquiring (card merchant business) business, issuing (card issuing business) business
URL https://www.sbpayment.jp/

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W2 Solution Corporation

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Inquiries about payment services

SB Payment Service Corp.

Inquiry form https://www.sbpayment.jp/contact/

Inquiries from the media regarding this matter

Public Relations Officer SB Payment Service Corp.

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