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Liquid, an online identity verification service
Business tie-up with SB Payment Service, a payment agency
-Using LIQUID eKYC to facilitate the introduction of credit card payments for Web3 services-

January 20, 2023

Liquid Co., Ltd.

SB Payment Service Corp.

Liquid, Inc. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO Takaki Hasegawa, hereinafter “Liquid”) and SB Payment Service Corp., a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Jun Shimba, hereinafter “Liquid”) SBPS”) has formed a business alliance, and from January 20, 2023, will provide Liquid’s online identity verification service “LIQUID eKYC” to businesses that provide Web3 services. *1 We are pleased to inform you that it is now possible to seamlessly conduct the screening of Online Payment Service vetting and the provision of payment services by SBPS.

In the services provided by Web3 service providers, users often conduct transactions directly with each other, and if the user's identity verification procedure is insufficient, there is a high risk of fraudulent purchases, so Credit Card Payment cannot be introduced. was an issue. Through this business alliance, businesses that provide Web3 services can now smoothly introduce Online Payment Service using credit cards.

Liquid and SBPS will continue to promote the provision of "LIQUID eKYC" and SBPS's Online Payment Service for interpersonal transactions such as NFT purchases and blockchain exchanges, which are Web 3 areas, and business in Web 3 areas. We will contribute to growth.


In recent years, the use of blockchain technology has spread, and Web3 services that allow direct exchange of data, content, and money between users are increasing, but most of these payment methods are cryptocurrencies or bank transfers. In response to requests from business operators to improve usability by introducing Credit Card Payment, there is a high risk of fraudulent purchases if identity verification procedures are insufficient for services that directly communicate between users. It was a problem in the examination of the settlement institution. In order to solve these problems, Liquid, which has a track record of providing online identity verification services for many banks, online securities companies, and Web3 services, and SBPS, a PSP company that provides one-stop services from vetting to payment services, We have recently entered into a business partnership.


"LIQUID eKYC" is a service that provides a variety of identity verification methods to confirm that "the user is a real person", which is necessary for identity verification procedures when signing online contracts and opening accounts. The number of contracted companies has exceeded 100, and we support online identity verification procedures such as when making a contract or when changing various notifications such as address changes. Using a web browser or smartphone app, it is possible to take a picture of an identification document such as a driver's license or My Number card, or read an IC chip and match it with a self-portrait photo to public personal authentication. am. With our unique AI technology, biometric authentication technology, OCR technology, etc., we have achieved a low withdrawal rate from the start of shooting to completion.

For details, please check the website below.

About SBPS's Online Payment Service

As a PSP, SBPS provides business operators with more than 40 brands of payment methods that can be used in online shops. We have licenses for international credit card brands such as Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay, and we not only act as a PSP, but also provide vetting and management operations, settlement services, and fraud detection services as an acquirer. We are a one-stop shop. “AI fraud detection *2”, which was originally developed by utilizing the payment data and knowledge of payments held by SBPS, can be easily used at a low price starting from 0 yen, and contributes to the early detection of fraudulent transactions. In addition, we provide payment services in cooperation with blockchain and Web3-related companies, contributing to the development of the Web3 area.

*1 A contract with Liquid Co., Ltd. is required to introduce “LIQUID eKYC”.

*2 Click here for details on "AI fraud detection". https://www.sbpayment.jp/solution/security/ai_fraud_detection/

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Company Profile

Liquid Co., Ltd.

Representative Representative Director Takaki Hasegawa
Location Otemachi Building 2F, 1-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Established December 2018
Business content Image analysis and big data analysis specializing in biometric information and biobehavior
URL https://liquidinc.asia/

SB Payment Service Corp.

Representative Jun Shinba, President and CEO
Location 1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba Office Tower
Established October 1, 2004
Business content Payment service, collection agency and corporate calculation office work, acquiring (card merchant business) business, issuing (card issuing business) business
URL https://www.sbpayment.jp/

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