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The only crypto asset exchange in Japan with "Zaif"
Possibility of payment by credit card
~Caica Exchange, Life Card and SB Payment Service Cooperate~

August 23, 2023

Caica Exchange Co., Ltd.

Life Card Co., Ltd.

SB Payment Service Corp.

Caica Exchange Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President Shin Suzuki, hereinafter “Caica Exchange”), Life Card Co., Ltd. (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President Keiji Masui, hereinafter “Life Card”), and SoftBank Corp. The company's subsidiary SB Payment Service Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Jun Shimba, hereinafter referred to as "SBPS") has partnered with the crypto asset exchange "Zaif" operated by Caica Exchange. From mid-October 2023, we will be able to accept credit card payments as a payment method for Zaif accounts.
Currently, there are no cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan that accept credit card payments as a means of depositing into wallets *1. It is expected to become an asset exchange.
In advance, from August 23, 2023, Caica Exchange and Life Card will start accepting applications for a new affiliated card "Zaif Card". With the cooperation of "Zaif" and SBPS's online payment service in mid-October 2023, it will be possible to deposit funds into accounts using "Zaif cards" on "Zaif".


Currently, cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan do not allow deposits to accounts by credit card payment. With "Zaif", it was possible to deposit by bank transfer, convenience store payment, and page payment, but in order to further improve usability, Caica Exchange and Life Card will issue a new affiliated card "Zaif Card". By linking with SBPS's online payment service, it is possible to make deposits by credit card payment with "Zaif Card". Through this initiative, Caica Exchange and Life Card will promote the acquisition of new members.

About the affiliated card "Zaif Card"

"Zaif card" is given BTC (bitcoin) according to the amount of credit card usage. Annual membership fee is free for the first year, and annual membership fee is 1,650 yen (tax included) from the next year. Annual membership fee for the following year is waived for annual usage of 100,000 yen or more.

About Caica Exchange and Life Card Campaign

To commemorate the launch of the affiliated card "Zaif Card", Caica Exchange and Life Card will carry out a new membership & card usage campaign. For details, please check here (https://zaif.jp/doc_zaifcard).

campaign period Wednesday, August 23, 2023 to Thursday, November 30, 2023
Campaign target BTC will be presented by lottery among those who join during the period and use shopping
Campaign benefits Receive 1,000 yen worth of BTC when you sign up for a new Zaif card.
In addition, a maximum of 6,000 yen worth of BTC will be presented by lottery according to card usage.
Instructions, remarks The contents of the campaign are subject to change without notice.

About "Zaif"

Zaif is one of the Japanese crypto asset exchanges operated by Caica Exchange. It is a subsidiary of Caica Digital Co., Ltd., which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market, and operates as a safe crypto asset exchange with an emphasis on security.
For more information, please check here.

About SBPS's Online Payment Service

As a payment agency, SBPS provides business operators with more than 40 brands of payment methods that can be used at online shops. We have licenses for international credit card brands such as Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay, and we not only act as a settlement agent, but also provide merchant screening and management operations, settlement services, and fraud detection services as an acquirer. We are a one-stop shop. “AI Fraud Detection *2”, which was developed independently by utilizing the payment data and knowledge of payments held by SBPS, can be used easily from 0 yen and contributes to the early detection of fraudulent transactions.

Caica Exchange, Life Card and SBPS will continue to provide highly convenient services that meet customer needs.

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Company Profile

Caica Exchange Co., Ltd.

Representative Representative Director and President Shin Suzuki
Location 5-11-9 Minami Aoyama, Minato Ward, Tokyo
Established April 12, 2016
Business content Crypto asset exchange business
URL https://corp.zaif.jp/outline/

Life Card Co., Ltd.

Representative Representative Director and President Keiji Masui
Location 1-3-20 Edanishi, Aoba Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Established July 29, 2010
Business content Credit card business, prepaid card business, bank guarantee business, insurance business, and other incidental business
URL https://www.lifecard.co.jp/

SB Payment Service Corp.

Representative Jun Shinba, President and CEO
Location 1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Port City Takeshiba Office Tower
Established October 1, 2004
Business content Payment service, collection agency and corporate calculation office work, acquiring (card merchant business) business, issuing (card issuing business) business
URL https://www.sbpayment.jp/

Inquiries about "Zaif"

Caica Exchange Co., Ltd.

Inquiry form https://support.zaif.jp/hc/ja/requests/new

Inquiries about affiliated card "Zaif Card"

Life Card Co., Ltd.

Inquiry form https://www.lifecard.co.jp/support/

Inquiries about payment services

SB Payment Service Corp.

Inquiry form https://www.sbpayment.jp/contact/?argument=3qe9Sa9A&dmai=a5d1c838fbaef4

Inquiries from the media regarding this matter

Public Relations Officer SB Payment Service Corp.

Inquiry form https://www.sbpayment.jp/internal/public/index.php