Recommended payment service for online game business

Here, we will introduce recommended payment services for merchants that handle online games.

Common issues in the online game business

  • ・ I want to provide the service immediately after the payment is completed.
  • ・ I want to make it easy for young customers to purchase
  • ・ I want to be able to make payments smoothly even when billing is concentrated.

Industry example

In addition to the mainstream app games, there are various types of online games such as browser games and cloud games that can be played on the WEB.

  • Browser game

  • Cloud game

Recommended payment service

For online games, we recommend the introduction of Credit Card Payment. According to a questionnaire survey conducted by our company in 2018, 76.2% of digital content users make payments by credit card (for 1,986 customers who used the online shopping site within one year). Since it is a user of digital contents, it includes online game usage fees, e-books, video viewing services, etc., but it can be seen that there are many users of Credit Card Payment.
It is also a good idea to prepare Mobile Carrier Billing, CVS Payment, etc. so that even customers who do not have a credit card can make payments. Teenage customers tend to use CVS Payment and Mobile Carrier Billing.

* We also support other payment methods such as PayPay (Online Payment), LINE Pay, RakutenPay(Online), Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Click here for a list of payment methods.

Available Billing methods and Settlement methods

There are various types of Billing methods and Settlement methods for customers in the online game business, and each has its own merits. Please select the most suitable Billing methods / Settlement methods according to the type of product and sales method.

Billing methods

There are two types of Billing methods: pay-as-you-go One-time billing, Recurring billing (simplified), and Recurring billing(fixed term/pay-as-you-go).

  • One-time billing each time A Billing methods in which payment is made each time a product is purchased. Suitable for selling products that can be completed with a single purchase and can be used with all of our payment methods.

  • Recurring billing (simplified) A Billing methods in which a specified amount of money is continuously settled on the billing date set by the Company. Suitable for selling fixed-price products that pay a monthly fee continuously

  • Recurring billing(fixed term/pay-as-you-go) A Billing methods in which the merchants specifies the billing time and amount and makes continuous payments. Suitable for conducting campaigns for a certain period of time

* The Billing methods that can be used differ depending on the payment methods method. Please contact us for details.

If you would like to know more about the Billing methods, please see the following page.

Settlement methods

You can select "Specified sales" or "Automatic sales" as the Settlement methods. For online games, we often choose automatic sales because they are not out of stock.

  • Automatic sales A method that automatically processes sales when a customer purchases a product on an EC site. There is a merit that merchants do not have to spend time processing sales.

  • designated salesA method of processing sales at any time of the business operator, such as the timing of product shipment, not when the customer purchases the product on the EC site.

* Available Settlement methods vary depending on the payment methods method. Please contact us for details.

If you would like to know more about the Billing methods, please see the following page.

Supported connection methods

There are two types of system connection methods from the EC site to the payment processing screen: "Link Type" and "API type".

  • linked In the case of payment, a connection method that calls the payment screen provided by our company from the product page and performs payment processing. Easy and speedy introduction is possible

  • API-type A connection method that processes payments by communicating payment information between the business operator and our server. The payment screen can be freely designed by the business operator

* The connection methods that can be used differ depending on the payment methods method. Please contact us for details.

If you would like to know more about the Billing methods, please see the following page.

Recommended optional security services

We offer a variety of optional security services. Please use it according to the environment of the merchants.

Credit Card Information Storage Service This is a service where we keep the credit card information entered by the customer on the EC site. This eliminates the need to re-enter card information when making repeat purchases or making payments after membership registration, leading to an improvement in the purchase rate.
Tokenization service This is our original service. Even if you pass through the system of the merchants you can realize the non-holding of the credit card.
Identity Authentication Service (3-D Secure) You can make Credit Card Payment more securely on the Internet.
Email Payment Link Service You can pay online by informing customers of billing via email, SMS (short message), QR code, etc.
Security code (CVV, CVV2) By having the customer enter the credit card security code at the time of payment, we will prevent unauthorized use of the credit card.
AI Fraud Detection Detect fraudulent use of Credit Card Payment using payment information and machine learning.
Fraudulent Shipping Information Service This service allows you to download the latest fraudulent shipping address information. Fraudulent shipping information is updated daily.
Customer attraction service (Marketing support) We provide news release distribution and SNS marketing services as a set.

If you would like to know more about Security and Payment Option Services, please see the following page.

Case study

GungHo Online Entertainment Co., Ltd. provides community services such as diary, avatar, and chat, including the online RPG "Ragnarok Online", which boasts the largest number of members in Japan. We have developed payments that members of the online amusement park "GungHo Games" can use with peace of mind, and have provided various payment methods such as credit cards, prepaid cards, and electronic money (Edy).

Company name: GungHo Online Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Payment services: Credit Card Payment, Prepaid Card, electronic money (Edy)

Implementation method

For the procedure from application to start of use, please see About introduction.
We will estimate the usage fee (fee, etc.) after asking for details.