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Online Payment Services

We provide Online Payment Service that meet your needs.
If you are looking for a PSP, please consider it.

We offer a wide range of payment methods to meet the needs of business operators.
We support various payment methods such as credit card payment, carrier payment, convenience store payment, deferred payment, PayPay (online payment), LINE Pay, Rakuten Pay (online payment) V2.
You can combine online payments according to your business type and needs, such as EC sites/mail order sites, online games, online lessons, online medical care, subscription services, etc. Please refer to the following for various payment methods.
In addition, know-how and useful information regarding online payments are distributed as needed in "EC Useful Information".

Our strengths

We would like to introduce the reasons why we are selected among multiple PSP companies.

Comprehensive proposals in various business areas

Our company covers payment methods for young people, services for overseas, etc., centering on payment methods that have the effect of attracting customers. merchants.

Establish a perfect security system

Based on the SoftBank Group's know-how and achievements, we have established a complete security system. We will provide "fraud detection" for credit card payments on EC sites free of charge to our member stores.

Abundant payment services that meet your needs

We offer a wide range of payment services to meet your needs, such as "continuous billing" such as monthly fees and membership fees, and "international payment" that is essential for cross-border EC sites. In addition, we also cooperate with many EC cart packages, so businesses using EC cart packages can smoothly introduce them.

Providing Marketing support

We also provide our merchants free of charge with a "Marketing support" that supports attracting customers and expanding sales. We will create effective business opportunities.


Which online payment should be introduced?
When selecting online payments, it is important to make a choice according to your customer base, products, and security systems.
How to introduce online payment?
There are two ways to introduce online payments: (1) using a PSP agency; and (2) contracting directly with the settlement institutions providing the services. Method (1) of using a PSP agency can reduce the time and effort required for initial contracts, system development, and post-implementation management.

For other questions please see our FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions page.