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Started offering "Amazon Pay" in Online Payment Service
-Easy and secure payment using your Amazon account-

January 28, 2022

SB Payment Service Corp.

SB Payment Service Corp. (hereinafter referred to as "SBPS") is pleased to announce that "Amazon Pay" will be available from January 28, 2022 as an Online Payment Service provided by SBPS * 1. By adding "Amazon Pay" to the Online Payment Service, SBPS supports a wide variety of payment methods for more than 35 brands, and proposes the most suitable payment methods according to the business type and needs of the business operator.

Click here for details on "Amazon Pay" provided by SBPS.

About "Amazon Pay"

"Amazon Pay" is a service that allows you to make payments on EC sites other than Amazon.co.jp using the address information and payment information registered in your Amazon account. Customers do not need to register a new payment method, so they can purchase and pay smoothly on the EC site. In addition, businesses can expect to prevent basket dropping, which is one of the issues of EC site operation, and since they do not have customer payment information, the risk of information leakage can be reduced. "Amazon Pay" was launched by Amazon in 2015, and is currently being introduced to more than 10,000 businesses and more than 100,000 EC sites * 2.

Features of "Amazon Pay"

  1. Providing a secure payment environment for customers
    Since customers use their Amazon account, we provide an environment where customers can enjoy shopping easily and safely, just like shopping on Amazon.
  2. Prevents baskets from falling
    Shopping is completed in 3 easy steps. You can expect to reduce the drop of baskets and improve the conversion rate.
  3. Respond to various payment needs
    We support various payment needs, from One-time billing each time you make a purchase to Recurring billing(fixed term/pay-as-you-go) as-you-go) that is optimal for regular purchases, monthly membership fees, and distribution meetings.

SBPS will continue to provide highly convenient services that meet the needs of businesses.

  • * 1 A separate contract with Amazon is required.
  • * 2 According to Amazon Pay research. (As of December 2021)

  • -Amazon, Amazon.co.jp, Amazon Pay and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

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