Credit Card Account Update Service

What is the Credit Card Account Update Service?

This service sends the card data we retain from merchants to the credit card companies once per month to confirm its validity and update the card information (account update process).

What are card information updates?

  • Card numbers will be updated to their latest version in the event a member's card number has changed due to loss or theft
  • Expiration dates will be updated to the latest dates in the event a member’s card has been renewed


This service is optimal for merchants that are implementing recurring billing.

Payments are made using the latest credit card information, increasing monthly billing success rates.

This service is highly beneficial to merchants that charge a fixed monthly fee.

For example, it has been introduced in the following industries:

  • Monthly billing for digital content
  • Buying clubs, subscription purchases
  • Recurring billing for telecom fees, calling charges, insurance charges, etc.

Flow of the Credit Card Account Update Service

We will automatically update the credit card information we retain to the latest card details every month.

This allows merchants to always process payments using the latest card data, reducing the amount of cards declined for being past their expiration date or other issues.



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