What is the IVR Payment Service?

The IVR Payment Service uses IVR (interactive voice response) to process credit card payments when an order is placed by phone at a call center. By introducing our IVR Payment Service, customers complete their payments by entering their credit card information themselves instead of operators asking for it and entering it into the system. This service supports non-retention of credit card information as card data does not pass through your call center’s system.

*A separate contract with an IVR operator is required.

Features of the IVR Payment Service

Achieve robust security and flexible call center operations

Optional features based on your needs

Increase work efficiencyAPI Linkage
Increase work efficiencyAPI Linkage
By using a data linkage API, payment data can be linked between the IVR system and your order system. This improves work efficiency by reducing input errors associated with entering orders twice.
Reliable even for overseas servicesMultilingual Support
Reliable even for overseas servicesMultilingual Support
In addition to Japanese, the services supports multiple languages such as English (US, UK), Chinese (China, Taiwan), Cantonese (Hong Kong), Korean, and Spanish (US).
Greater peace of mindCall Return
Greater peace of mindCall Return
This function returns customers back to the operator in charge of their call without ending it after completing their credit card payment through IVR. In the unlikely event that the credit card payment fails, the operator in charge can follow up with the customer.

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