What are CVS payments?

CVS payments are payment services that allow customers to pay for products or services purchased on your e-commerce site
at major convenience stores nationwide using a specific number issued at the time of purchase.

3 Benefits of CVS payments

  • 1. Improve customer convenience

  • 2. Avoid risk of uncollected payments

  • 3. Real-time payment notifications

3 Benefits

1. Improve customer convenience

CVS payments are the most popular payment method after credit card payments when shopping online.
With CVS payments, customers do not have to enter long credit numbers during payment, and can pay later at the convenience store of their choice at any time, 24 hours a day. That is why they can be used safely and conveniently by younger customers who do not have credit cards and customers who may prefer not to enter their card information online.

Payment method for online purchases (multiple selection)

Source: Internet Usage Trends Survey (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)

2. Avoiding risk of uncollected payments

With CVS payments, you can ship products after they have been paid for, allowing you to avoid the risk of uncollected payments. In addition, because it is a prepaid form of payment, chargebacks due to unauthorized use are unlikely to occur as with credit card payments, reducing risk for your business.

3. Real-time payment notifications

Once a customer pays at the convenience store, we will notify you of the payment in real time.​ ​
You can provide your customers with smooth service.

CVS payment mechanisms

In this diagram, we describe the flow of CVS payments.

CVS payment flow diagram

CVS payment flow diagram

*Refunds are not supported.
*The maximum payment amount per transaction is 299,999 yen. For payments of 50,000 yen or more, stamp duties are required.

In addition, when making contracts with each convenience store in-house, you must deal with applications and accounting processes for each, but by contracting through us, consolidation is possible. 
You can introduce payments for all major convenience stores (Seven-Eleven, Lawson, FamilyMart, Ministop, Seicomart) at once.

Payment mechanisms

Payment mechanisms

Payment methods at each convenience store

With CVS payments, customers can easily make payments 24 hours a day at major convenience stores nationwide.

<Payment image>

CVS payment flow diagram

CVS payment flow diagram

*Customers make note of a number displayed on screen during purchase (the name of which varies based on the store), and proceed with payment at in-store terminals and registers.
*In some cases, customers may not need to enter a number or receive a ticket at a terminal.

For details on how the services are used, please click the links for each convenience store below.

Numbers required when paying at convenience stores

When paying at convenience stores, customers input the numbers displayed on screen after completing their purchase as well as other numbers they’ve entered, such as their phone number.
The numbers differ depending on each convenience store and receiving agency combination, so please check below.

Convenience store
(In-store terminal)
● Payment slip number
*Link to payment slip on the completed product purchase screen
● Company code
● Order number
(Loppi terminal)
● Receipt number
● Phone number (number entered during purchase)
(Loppi terminal)
● Receipt number
● Phone number (number entered during purchase)
(Club Station terminal)
● Receipt number
● Phone number (number entered during purchase)

*Vetting by each convenience store is required in order to use CVS payments.
You can begin using these payment methods upon completion of the vettings.
Please note that the vettings may take some time.

Functions provided

  • Connection methods
    Link type API type
  • Billing methods
    Pay-as-you-go Recurring (simple)
  • Available websites
    PC Smartphone Mobile phone
Connection method that allows you to build your payment screen freely. >API type details
Billing method that charges each time a product is purchased. >Billing method details
Billing method that continuously charges a specified amount on a billing date set by us. >Billing method details
Billing method that charges based on an amount and billing period specified by you. >Billing method details

Implementation method

The procedures from application to getting started are as follow.
For details on implementation procedures and costs, please see Implementation and fees

Implementation method

Implementation method

We will also provide you with a quote regarding usage fees (fees, etc.) after we ask for details, so please contact us using the inquiry button below.



払込票(紙) ブラウザ、メール(WEB)



Here are questions we have received from merchants considering introducing CVS payments and clients already using them.

I would like to introduce CVS payments. Do I need contracts or system connections with each convenience store?
You can introduce convenience store payments simply by applying through us without having to go through the procedures for each store.
*Some separate contract procedures may be required of you depending on the receiving agency used.
Which convenience stores are payments available at?
The payment services can be used at major convenience stores nationwide.
They are available at Seven-Eleven, Lawson, FamilyMart, Ministop, and Seicomart.
Is there a maximum amount per payment?
The upper limit is 299,999 yen.
How can I check sales made through CVS payments?
You can check sales through our Admin portal / Payment management tool. In addition, we will notify you when there has been a payment from a customer.

For other questions please see our FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions page.



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