AI Fraud Detection

Detects fraudulent credit card payment
through payment information and machine learning!

What is AI Fraud Detection?

AI Fraud Detection detects fraudulent use through payment information and machine learning.

  • Utilizes machine learning

    Machine learning is conducted on past fraud patterns and a fraud risk score is calculated for purchases when a user makes a credit card payment. By grasping these scores in real time, merchants can detect fraudulent transactions at an early stage.

  • Easy to introduce

    With conventional fraud detection tools, in many cases additional information was required from merchants and resulted in having to develop pages and revise terms. Our AI Fraud Detection, on the other hand, uses the same information as used for payments, reducing this burden.

  • Dynamic countermeasures

    By applying for one of our paid plans, we offer functions that allow merchants to set their own unique rules that can stop transactions suspected of fraud, and to add personal verification through the Identity Authentication Service (3-D Secure) only for suspicious transactions. Use of these functions enables merchants to take dynamic countermeasures.

Usage procedures

  • Link type

    By using payment screens provided by us (versions since March 9, 2020), there is no need for merchants to configure their own.
    Scores and the results of rule judgments for every payment can be confirmed on a dedicated management screen we provide.

  • API type

    Merchants will need to incorporate the JavaScript we provide into the payment screens they have prepared.
    Scores and the results of rule judgments for every payment can be confirmed on a dedicated management screen. They can also be obtained in the form of fraud detection results returned by the AI fraud detection system.

Main structure

After a user inputs their payment information in a credit card payment, AI Fraud Detection is conducted. It involves scoring, rule judgment, and gateway processes to determine a user’s credit. In each process, fraudulent use is detected based on the user's payment information.

Management screen

We have prepared a dedicated management screen to support merchants’ fraud countermeasures.

◇ Dashboard

Visualizes scoring results, rule judgment results, and credit determination results for countering fraud more efficiently. You can immediately check the details for payments alerts have gone off for.

◇ Rule setting

You can set the default rules or rules specific to merchants.

◇ Block and permitted list registration

You can register block lists and permitted lists.

Plans offered


Plan Name Plan Overview 3 Forms of Value
Score checks Rule judgments Additional authentication combined with 3-D Secure
Free Plan Returns scores in real-time based on payment information and user behavior. The scores for every payment can be confirmed via a dedicated screen.
Standard Plan In addition to the contents of the Free Plan above, we provide a rule judgment function in which merchants can set whether or not to proceed with or how to handle a transaction after scoring. (Default rules available for use (values customizable)) You can get the results of rules judgments for each payment by creating and setting the required rules in advance.
Advanced Plan In addition to the contents of the Standard Plan above, merchants can create and set their own rules. You will also be able to use the function for adding personal verification through the Identity Authentication Service (3-D Secure) in the rule judgment settings.

Important points

・ AI Fraud Detection can be used with credit card payment.

・ This service is not guaranteed to detect 100% of fraudulent transactions.

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