What are Token Functions?

Token Functions allow payments to be made after having converted the credit card information entered by a user into a token (a separate string of characters). E-commerce merchants can process payments without coming into contact with any card info, achieving non-retention of credit card information.

Token Functions mechanism

Incorporating our Token Functions’ JavaScript code into a merchants’ site allows for payments to be made without retaining credit card information.

Token Functions features

(1)Non-retention of credit card information

These functions achieve non-retention of credit card information, meaning there is no need for merchants to comply with PCI DSS and letting merchants focus on their business.

(2) Strengthened Security Measures

Credit card information is not retained on merchants’ site, reducing the risk of data leaks and leading to stronger security measures.

(3) Freedom in Designing Payment Screens

As the payment screens are integrated into merchants’ site, they can be freely configured.
This allows payment screens to maintain your site’s look and feel, so your users can complete their payments without any feelings of discomfort.

Functions provided

The Token Functions provide the following functions.

Payment methods Credit card payment
Security options · Security codes
・ Identity Authentication Service (3-D Secure)
Devices PCs, smartphones, feature phones
*Compatible with devices using JavaScript-enabled browsers.

Non-retention of credit card information

Click here for more information regarding the credit card security guidelines released by the Credit Transaction Security Council.