There are two types of settlement methods for e-commerce sites, "automatic settlement" and "designated settlement," which differ in the timing that sales are confirmed. Each is processed differently depending on the settlement method type.

Automatic sales

The automatic settlement method automatically processes sales at the same timing as the customer makes a payment an e-commerce site. As soon as the purchase is complete, the settlement institution will invoice the customer. Merchants do not have to spend time processing sales.

*This settlement method may not be available depending on the payment methods introduced and merchants’ services. Please contact us for details.

Designated settlement method

Designated sales is a method in which merchants process sales themselves at any time they would like. Sales are not yet confirmed when a customer makes a purchase on an e-commerce site, but are rather a “temporary sale,”*1 meaning that a credit line*2 for the payment amount has been secured. It becomes a "confirmed sale" when merchants confirm their inventory and provide their service.
With credit card payment, the period during which the customer's credit line can be secured varies depending on the card company, but it is generally about 30 to 90 days.

*This settlement method may not be available depending on the payment methods introduced and merchants’ services. Please contact us for details.

*1 Difference between temporary sales and sales

"Temporary sales" means that the payment amount has been secured from the customer's line of credit when a product is purchased. "Sales" are confirmed when merchants confirm that their service has been provided to the customer and processes the sale. The card company will then proceed to invoice the customer.
In addition, there is no refund process required if a purchase in the “temporary sales” stage is cancelled. It can be dealt with simply by clearing the payment amount from the credit line.
*Temporary sales are not available with some payment methods. Please contact us for details.

*2 What is a credit line?

A credit line is the limit set by the card company on how much can be spent. Credit lines can be increased by building a credit history and credit score.

Automatic sales and designated sales each have their own characteristics, and it is necessary to select the appropriate method depending on your industry. Here, we will introduce the settlement methods used in product sales and digital content as an example.

For product sales

The settlement methods often used in product sales is "designated settlement." After a customer purchases a product on an e-commerce site, merchants check their inventory and then ship the product. With designated sales, you can check whether or not the product is out of stock before confirming the sale, which will surely give peace of mind. Even if it is out of stock, you can settle the matter by just explaining the situation to the customer and canceling the order.
However, if you are always in stock and ready to ship, you can also select the automatic settlement method.

For digital content

The settlement method commonly used for selling digital content is "automatic settlement." Games and other forms of digital content never run out of stock. That is why when a customer makes a purchase, the sale can automatically be processed immediately. Customers can use digital content they have purchased right away.

It is necessary for businesses to understand the differences between the settlement methods and select the one most suitable for your products and services. If you have any questions about the settlement methods, please contact SB Payment Service.

Please see the About Implementation page regarding the procedures from application to start of use.
We will provide an estimate of usage costs (fees, etc.) after inquiring about your details.