What are credit card payments?

Credit card payment is a payment method that allows customers to pay for products using their credit card number and expiration date. As the most widely used payment method for online shopping in recent years, you can further expect increased sales by introducing credit card payments on your e-commerce site.
With SB Payment Service’s credit card payments, we offer various billing and connection methods, so anyone can easily introduce a high-performance credit card payment system, from startups even to large-scale merchants.
We also offer our Identity Authentication Service (3-D Secure) and Token Functions to protect against fraudulent card use and information leaks, a common occurrence in recent years, allowing your business to use credit card payments under the protection of advanced security measures.

Increasing demand for credit card payments

From product purchases in-store to online shopping, the use of credit card payments is increasing every year.
Credit cards are becoming widely used by the general public as their convenience is advantageous not only to customers making the purchases but also for stores and e-commerce merchants. Customers can make purchases even without cash on hand to pay immediately, and by offering options such as installment payments and revolving payments to select the number of payments, merchants can also expect expanded sales opportunities for higher-priced products and services. In addition, using credit card payments allows you to complete payments automatically even for services such as digital content that require continuous payments, offering benefit to both the customer and the merchants.

Benefits to customers

No need to exchange cash

  • Pay for even sudden expenditures
  • Eliminate the hassle of transferring money or preparing cash

Pay in installments

  • Reduce monthly payments
  • Fee-free up to 2 payments

Earn points and other special membership benefits

  • Exchange accumulated points for products and miles
  • Receive special benefits and services

Benefits to businesses

Expanded sales opportunities and improved sales

  • Lock in customers who want to use credit cards
  • Easier to raise unit sales prices as compared to cash

Improved efficiency in accounting processing

  • Reduce cash closeout and billing work
  • Improve your rate of uncollected payments

Expect an increase in regular billing and repeater customers

  • Automatic withdrawals easily lead to higher retention rates
  • Expect increased sales through more fixed-term contracts

Credit card payment mechanisms

Here we explain the mechanisms of SB Payment Service’s credit card payments.
SB Payment Service provides credit card payments as a PSP based on contracts with each credit card company. E-commerce site merchants can introduce and use credit card payments just by applying through SB Payment Service without having to go through contractual procedures with each individual credit card company.
In addition, SB Payment Service has acquired international brand licenses for Visa, MasterCard, and UnionPay, making us a one-stop shop from vetting though to providing payment services. As a result, we can support your new business development including payments.

Credit card payment mechanisms

Credit card payment mechanisms

Credit card payment features

Support for 6 major credit card brands

We support 6 major international brands (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club International, and Discover). Any credit card payments with one of these brand logos can be accepted regardless of the card company that issued it. *

We also offer China UnionPay which supports Chinese UnionPay cards.

*We may not be able to provide service subject to the credit card company’s vetting.

Select your billing method

SB Payment Service provides billing and connection methods to meet your needs.

  • Billing methods provided by SB Payment Service

    You can choose between one-time billing, recurring billing (simplified), and recurring billing (fixed term/pay-as-you-go) for the billing method used when your customers pay.

  • One-time billing

    One-time billing is a billing method in which customers pay each time they purchase a product.

  • Recurring billing

    ・ Recurring billing (simplified)

    ・ Recurring billing (fixed term/pay-as-you-go)

Connection methods provided by SB Payment Service

SB Payment Service offers Link type and API type connections. Select a connection type to match your business environment.

Link type
The Link Type connection is a method that brings up a payment screen provided by SB Payment Service to process payments. It is characterized by its easy and speedy implementation.
By using the Link type payment system connection method, payments can be made without transmitting credit card information through your servers.

API type
The API type connection is a method that sends payment information between your servers and ours to process payments. It is characterized by the ability to freely design your own payment screen.
By using the Token functions, you can safely use credit card payments without handling (or transmitting) credit card information on your servers while maintaining a degree of freedom with your payment screen.

  • Credit Card Account Update Service

    This service checks the validity of credit card information stored with SB Payment Service with the credit card companies every month and updates the card numbers and expiration dates with the latest information.
    This prevents payment errors caused by expired credit cards and enables stable billing.

    Linkable with various e-commerce shopping cart packages

    With SB Payment Service, you can introduce credit card payments on not only on your own e-commerce site but also on sites built though various e-commerce shopping cart packages.

    Linkable with various e-commerce shopping cart packages

    Linkable with various e-commerce shopping cart packages

    Features of SB Payment Service

    SB Payment Service is a PSP that can propose a wide range of payment methods and affiliated services that meet your needs, such as Online and In-Store Payment Services, Marketing Support Plans, and our AI Fraud Detection Service.
    Our annual transaction volume has grown to roughly ¥4 trillion (FY2020 results), and we provide reliable security services based on our track record of managing payment systems and payment information for SoftBank Group companies.

    How to implement credit card payments

    When applying for our credit card PSP services, the procedures to begin using the services will flow as per the following.

    *Time frames are approximate. The start date will vary depending on the payment methods you apply for and the screening status by the payment provider.
    *Please note that if you do not provide all of the required documents, you will not be able to undergo the vetting process.
    *Our sales staff will inform you of the required documents at the time of application.

    Please see the following page for details on the implementation procedures and costs.
    Flow of procedures for introducing Online Payment Services

    We will also provide you with a usage cost estimate (fees, etc.) upon gathering your details, so please submit an inquiry through the button below.

    Functions provided for credit card payments

    • Connection methods
      Link type API type
    • Billing methods
      Pay-as-you-go Recurring (simple) Recurring (fixed / metered)
    • Available websites
      PC Smartphone Mobile phone

    *You can achieve the same billing method as recurring billing (fixed term/pay-as-you-go) with credit card payments through a combination of functions provided.

    Documents required to apply for credit card PSP services

    The following documents are required to apply for SB Payment Service’s credit card PSP services.


    SB Payment Service will send you a designated application form.
    Please fill in the form with the following items and submit it.

    <Contents to be entered in the application form>

    • ・ Company information (must match certified copy of register)
    • ・ Account for payment
    • ・ Payment methods to be used (credit card payments, mobile carrier billing, etc.)
    • ・ Desired start date
    • ・ IP restrictions for management tool
    • ・ Payment system connection methods
    • ・ IP address

    Service overview materials

    If you apply for our credit card PSP services before your e-commerce site is live, you will need to provide service overview materials (materials that explain the content of your services).
    Please fill in the following required items on your service overview document and submit it.

    <Items to be described in the service outline document>

    • ・E-commerce site concept
    • ・Content of products provided
    • ・Billing scope (price range for each product)
    • ・Screen redirection diagram (enrolling on site, paying, withdrawing membership)
    • ・Notation under the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

    Other documents required

    In addition, the following documents are required.
    SB Payment Service will inform you if any documents other than the following are required based on the payment methods.

    <Documents required for all payment methods >

    • ・ Merchant application form
    • ・ Explanation of products handled
    • ・ Certified copy of register
    • ・ Seal certificate

    SB Payment Service is compliant with the Credit Card Security Guidelines

    SB Payment Service offers services that comply with the Credit Card Security Guidelines established by the Credit Transaction Security Council.

    The Credit Transaction Security Council is a council composed of credit card companies, PSPs, government agencies, etc., with the Japan Consumer Credit Association as the secretariat. The Japan Consumer Credit Association is certified by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry as a certified installment sales association based on the Installment Sales Law and as an accredited personal information protection organization based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information .

    The Credit Transaction Security Council formulated an Action Plan for the Consolidation of Security Measures for Credit Card Transactions that summarizes security measures and initiatives for credit card companies and merchants, promoting the development of safe and secure environments for the use of credit cards.
    The Credit Card Security Guidelines have been formulated as a successor document as it was determined that continuous consideration and implementation of security measures would be necessary even after the end of March 2020, the deadline for implementation of the Action Plan.

    At SB Payment Service, we provide non-retention of credit card information and AI fraud detection services to meet your needs in order to satisfy the credit card security guidelines.

    Security measures merchants need to take

    The Credit Card Security Guidelines consist of three pillars: measures against credit card information leaks, measures against fraudulent card use through e-commerce, measures against the fraudulent use of counterfeit cards.
    The two security measures that merchants need to take are measures against credit card information leaks and measures against fraudulent card use on e-commerce sites.
    SB Payment Service provides security services to implement these two measures as below.

    Measures against credit card information leaks
    <Required for business operators>
    Non-retainment of credit card information
    PCI DSS (*) compliant
    Measures against fraudulent card use on e-commerce sites
    <Required for business operators>
    Introduced multi-faceted and multi-layered fraud countermeasures

    *PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a security standard for the credit card industry created by merchants and service providers to handle credit card member data safely.
    Summary: Related Materials | Japan Consumer Credit Association

    SB Payment Service's non-retainment of credit card information services

    Non-retention of credit card information means that credit card information is not stored, processed, or passed through equipment or networks owned by merchants.

    SB Payment Service proposes the following security services needed for non-retention of credit card information and PCI DSS compliance according to your business’ needs. If you are a merchant comparing and considering services, please be sure to get in contact with us.

    Multi-faceted and multi-layered fraud countermeasures provided by SB Payment Service

    Multi-faceted and multi-layered fraud countermeasures refer to measures such as analyzing customer attributes and behavior and confirming shipping information in addition to introducing security codes and 3-D Secure authentication methods.
    In addition to our AI Fraud Detection Service, SB Payment Service offers the following services that are effective against fraudulent credit card use. We recommend introducing these services as you can expect to prevent unauthorized use of stolen cards or spoofing.

    Multi-faceted and multi-layered fraud countermeasures Services provided by SB Payment Service
    Identity authentication
    Verify a customer’s identity
    by having them enter a specific password.
    Identity Authentication Service (3-D Secure) Our Identity Authentication Service (3-D Secure) is a service that uses a password that the customer has pre-registered with their credit card company to authenticate their identity at the time of payment. The payment will not be processed if the password is incorrect when customers use their credit cards, making it possible to prevent unauthorized use via spoofing, stolen cards, or counterfeit cards, and make payments more secure.
    Security codes
    Confirm a credit card is authentic
    by entering the number (3-4 digits) on the card.
    Security Codes (CVV, CVV2) Security codes are 3- or 4-digit numbers printed on the front or back of a credit card. Only the customer, the credit card holder, knows the security code. By asking for a security code at the time of payment, you can reduce the risk of credit card fraud.
    Attribute / behavior analysis
    Judge fraudulent transactions
    through risk assessment
    based on past transactions and other information.
    Fraud Detection Service Our AI Fraud Detection Service detects fraudulent use through payment information and machine learning. It calculates and scores the risk of fraudulent use based on historical data. The advantage of the AI Fraud Detection Service is that it can be introduced more easily than conventional fraud detection services.
    Shipping information
    Stop product delivery in advance through accumulated fraudulent shipping information.
    Fraudulent Shipping Information Service The Fraudulent Shipping Information Service provides the latest fraudulent shipping address information updated by SB Payment Service daily. It allows you to detect suspicious shipping addresses by downloading the fraudulent shipping information and check the data yourself before shipping products.
    Connection method that allows you to build your payment screen freely. >API type details
    Billing method that charges each time a product is purchased. >Billing method details
    Billing method that continuously charges a specified amount on a billing date set by us. >Billing method details
    Billing method that charges based on an amount and billion period specified by merchants. >Billing method details


    Here are questions we have received from businesses considering introducing credit card payments and merchants already using them.

    Do you support installment payments?
    We support installment payments and revolving payments.
    What is your sales deposit cycle?
    You can select between one or two deposits per month.
    What are the costs to introduce your services?
    We will propose the most suitable plan according to the needs of your business and provide an estimate. Feel free to get in touch.
    Do you offer payment terminals that can be used at storefronts?
    We offer a Payment Terminal Service that allows you to process credit card payments using a smartphone or tablet.

    For other questions please see our FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions page.



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