What is the API type connection method?

Through API type connections, payment information is sent between merchants’ servers and ours to process payments.
The payment screens can be freely designed by merchants.

Introduction to other connection methods


  • The payment screens can be freely designed by merchants.
  • Various functions are available through a combination of APIs according to your site’s business.
  • It can be used on any device, including PCs, smartphones, and regular mobile phones.

Connection example

Here we explain the API type payment mechanism. Please see the example below showing the series of steps from entering credit card as the payment method through to payment processing. Please feel free to contact us regarding the processing flow and other details.

API type payment mechanism

API type payment mechanism

Use of our Token Functions

With our API type connections, credit card numbers are tokenized in processing payments.
Through our Token Functions, merchants can safely use credit card payments without handling (or transmitting) credit card information on their servers while maintaining a degree of freedom with their payment screen.

Benefits of using our Token Functions

  • Reduced risk of data leaks
  • Supports non-retention of credit card information by merchants, recommended by the Credit Transaction Security Council

Compatible payment methods

Our API type connection method can be used to process purchase requests made to us using the following payment methods.

Credit card payment JCB PREMO payment CVS Payment
Pay-easy General wire transfer (bank-to-bank wire transfer) payment  

*Please contact our sales staff for the latest compatible payment methods.

*There are payment methods in addition to those above for which the subsequent processing of sales, refunds, etc. can be performed using the API type connection method. For more information, please contact our sales department.

Implementation method

Please see the About Implementation page regarding the procedures from application to start of use.
We will provide an estimate of usage costs (fees, etc.) after inquiring about your details.



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