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Switching PSPs / Adding Payment Methods

Our payment services will support your business’ expansion.
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Facing these kinds of troubles
with your business expansion?

  • I want to add a payment method, but my current
    PSP agency doesn't offer the service.

  • I want to introduce credit card payments in-store, but I want to consolidate PSP agencies
    with my e-commerce site

  • I want to reduce chargeback costs
    due to unauthorized use

SB Payment Service
​ ​ will solve them!

  • Handles a wide range of online payment services from over 40 brands

    In addition to credit card payments, we handle a wide variety of payment methods such as carrier payments, convenience store payments, deferred payments, and payments for Chinese customers (unionpay online payment, Alipay+).
    We can support a wide range of customer needs that cannot be covered by credit card payments alone. It is a must-see for business operators who are considering expanding payment methods in the future.

  • Leave in-store payment services to us too

    We handle payment services for in-stores supporting about 30 types of credit card payments, electronic money settlements, and QR code payment brands. You can apply for e-commerce site and in-store payment services together as well.
    We also support recurring billing*1, recommended for merchants dealing with monthly membership fees and subscription sales that require regular charges.

  • AI-Based Credit Card Payment Fraudulent Use Detection

    We provide AI Fraud Detection which contributes to reducing unauthorized credit card use on your e-commerce site. We offer both free plan as well as customized plans according to your business’ needs.

  • *1 A usage fee for our Online Payment Services is required in addition to the Payment Terminal Service in order to use recurring billing. Development is also required to establish a connection between your system and ours.

Feel free to get in touch about
cost troubles, too

For those looking to review their running monthly costs,
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Reasons to Choose SB Payment Service

  • Vastly experienced with a track record of reliability

    Our key client industries

    • Apparel, food, household goods, and other sales sites
    • Travel sites / hotel reservation sites
    • Video streaming, online gaming, and other digital content sites
    • Membership fee collection, donations, etc.
  • Connect with over 20 types of
    e-commerce shopping cart packages

    Examples of e-commerce shopping carts connected to


    For a list of e-commerce shopping carts that can be connected to, click here

  • Admin portal / Payment management tool provided,
    convenient for multiple payments

    Our tool supports payment-related tasks such as confirming payment histories, processing sales and refunds, and monthly tabulations.
    You can check multiple payments through our single Admin portal / Payment management tool, leading to improved efficiency in your accounting.

    For details on our Admin portal / Payment management tool, click here

  • Early / Multiple Deposit Option
    for up to 6 deposits

    Select a sales deposit cycle to match your business ranging from 2 to 6 deposits a month.
    We will contribute to improving your business’ cash management.

    • *Pre-vetting is required upon application. Various fees will also be charged separately for use of this optional service.
    • *Some payment methods are not supported. Please contact us for details.

Our Clients

Product sales

TV TOKYO Direct. Inc

TV TOKYO Direct. Inc

Achieved support for non-retainment of credit card information for their call center orders through our Tokenization service (MOTO)

Digital content

Yamaha Music Media Corporation

Yamaha Music Media Corporation

Introduced multiple billing methods such as mobile carrier billings in addition to credit card payments on their digital sheet music sales site "Print Gakufu."

Storefront payments



Achieved efficient payments by combining the VEGA 3000 multi payment storefront terminal and "e-Wristband Payments."

Steps to get started

Implementation Steps

Implementation Steps

For any questions or uncertainties,
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