Introduced "Recruit Kantan Payment" for the first time in a product sales service.
Expand sales with products that match the user base of Recruit ID. The awarding of points also led to customer satisfaction.

Introduction site information

Introduction site

RINGBELL, a catalog gift, has the industry's No. 1 product lineup and a high-quality product lineup that matches the style of the times.
We offer catalog gifts that are ideal for wedding gifts, wedding / childbirth celebrations, ceremonial occasions such as returning incense, midyear gifts, and year-end gifts.

Payment Services

"Recruit Kantan Payment" is a wallet payment service linked with Recruit ID. If you have a Recruit ID, you can easily complete the payment by simply entering your ID and password, and you can also collect and use points for services other than Recruit.

Please tell us the background to your consideration of the payment service.

I was fascinated by the membership attributes of Recruit ID.

I was interested in the fact that customers who use services in the gift scene of marriage and childbirth, such as "Zexy" and "Akasoku" provided by Recruit, are users who have a Recruit ID.
Since Limbel offers gifts such as wedding gifts and wedding gifts and baby gifts, it has a high affinity with the membership attributes of Recruit ID, and I felt that it was an attractive payment service for acquiring new members, so I decided to introduce it. rice field.

Expectations for sales promotion support that makes use of Recruit's medium power

"Recruit Kantan Payment" will be focused on the product sales site in the future, and in addition to the functional aspects of the payment service, we asked the product sales site to propose effective sales promotion support. As for Limbel's corporate image, the impression of catalog gifts, which is the main axis, is strong, but in reality, while developing gift products other than catalog gifts and products for private demand, we make use of the medium power of recruitment that we can not do in-house. I felt that the sales promotion support would lead to a PR effect.
In addition to the functions of the payment service, I think that the payment service, which proposes support for attracting customers to expand brand awareness and service capabilities, is a unique feature. In addition, I was also attracted to the fact that the number of Recruit ID members will increase further due to the integration with Ponta in the future.

Mr. Kazuhiro Okawa, Manager, Mail Order Division

How was the introduction period and support after the introduction?

Flexible response led to customer satisfaction.

Since it is the first time to introduce a product sales site, there is a Settlement methods different from that of digital contents, so it took time to introduce it by carefully checking the specifications, but problems will occur after the introduction. No, I didn't make any inquiries on the system side.
Also, when receiving inquiries from customers, I am very satisfied that the quick and flexible response of Recruit Kantan Payment and SB Payment Service has led to customer satisfaction.

Please tell us about the effects after the introduction.

Recruit ID's ability to attract customers led to sales expansion.

While digital content was mainly developed, I was worried at first as the first product sales site, but as a result, it led to more customers than expected. In addition to acquiring new users, it also helped promote repeats. Regarding repeaters, customers who have purchased catalog gifts can appeal for products other than catalog gifts through recruitment media, such as purchasing gifts other than catalog gifts, leading to sales expansion. rice field.

Effect after introduction

Recruit points improve customer satisfaction

Since the Limbel official website revolves around gifts, the unit purchase price is high, so the recruitment points given at one time will also be high. In fact, when I talked to the customer over the phone, I was able to feel that they were very pleased, saying, "I have accumulated so many recruitment points that I can't decide what to buy next."

The fact that recruitment points can be accumulated and used is very attractive to users, and I realized that it greatly contributes to customer satisfaction and the promotion of repeaters.

Mail Order Division Mail Order Group 1 Ryo Namiki

Are there any features or services you expect in the future?

Expected to work with paper media unique to Recruit in addition to the Web

We are expecting a project that has a high affinity with Limbel, which handles gift products such as wedding and childbirth gifts, in conjunction with paper media such as "Zexy" and "Akasoku" provided by Recruit.
In addition, we expect that it will be linked to attracting customers by targeting limited users such as bridal and childbirth.
For example, I think that it will lead to further sales expansion, such as a plan to introduce a gift for a private celebration one month after giving birth.

Limbel gifts for celebrations

RINGBELL is good at repayment catalog gifts, but we are also focusing on gifts other than repayment.
For example, we offer catalog gifts developed in collaboration with Women's Pictorial Co., Ltd. for Mother's Day gifts, and we also offer "Rimbel Smart Gifts" and "Choice of Experience Gifts" that can be used as high-priced gifts or in return for loved ones. We are developing gifts suitable for various purposes.
By always being sensitive to trends and providing the products that users are looking for, we are also developing gifts that will please the occasion of celebration.
We will continue to introduce attractive products that are used by many people in cooperation with "Recruit Kantan Payment".

Message from Recruit Sales Representative

In addition to the historic catalog gifts, we would like to expand our services together with Limbel, who is constantly working on new things such as collaboration with each brand and the development of smart gifts. I personally purchased Limbel's gift items from the Recruit Points I had accumulated, and my family was very pleased. You can also get a good deal by purchasing with the points you have accumulated.

In the future, like Limbel, we will expand the environment in which points can be used for services other than recruitment, and we will strive to improve user convenience by utilizing the accumulated points in various services.
In addition, we would like to contribute to the expansion of sales to merchants working on new support for attracting customers in collaboration with media that make the best use of Recruit's characteristics.

Recruit Lifestyle Co., Ltd. (Left) Internet Business Headquarters Real Marketing Development G and Real Market Promotion Department Kenro Kawai (Right) Real Market Promotion Department Koharu Takeshita

Recruit Lifestyle Co., Ltd.
(Left) Mr. Kenro Kawai, Real Marketing Development G and Real Market Promotion Department, Internet Business Headquarters
(Right) Mr. Koharu Takeshita, Real Market Promotion Department

Message from SB Payment Service Sales Representative

In introducing "Recruit Kantan Payment" for the first time in a product sales service, Limbel, Recruit, and SB Payment Service worked closely together, and with the cooperation of each company, the introduction was realized. We are very pleased that we were able to contribute to the sales expansion of Limbel through "Recruit Kantan Payment". We would like to continue to help Limbel expand its services through payment services.

SB Payment Service Sales Headquarters Sales Department 1 Sales Manager Takayu Nakamura

SB Payment Service
Sales Headquarters Sales Department 1 Sales Manager
Takayu Nakamura



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