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Launched "Cross-border pack" to solve cross-border EC issues
-Supporting "WeChat Pay" to meet the purchasing needs of Chinese who cannot travel or shop in Japan-

December 1, 2021

SB Payment Service Corp.

SB Payment Service Corp. (hereinafter referred to as "SBPS"), a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp., will start offering "Cross-border Pack" in the Online Payment Service provided by SBPS from December 1, 2021. The "Cross-border Pack" is Japan's first * 1 EC solution that collectively solves issues such as payment methods, international delivery, cooperation with customs, and attracting customers when a business operator conducts cross-border EC. Businesses that have introduced the "Cross-border Pack" will first be able to use "WeChat Pay" on the EC site as a payment methods. In the future, it will be possible to attract customers to the EC site, handle customs and international delivery of products handled on the EC site, and plan to expand the payment methods that can be used with the "Cross-border pack".

About "Cross-border pack"

In order for businesses to carry out cross-border e-commerce, there are many issues such as international delivery, cooperation with customs, and attracting customers, as well as payment methods. The "Cross-border Pack" provided by SBPS is Japan's first * 1 EC solution that collectively solves such cross-border EC issues. For international delivery of products handled on the EC site, simply deliver the products to the warehouse at Haneda Airport of Trio Systems Co., Ltd., which is affiliated with SBPS, on behalf of member stores, from customs clearance and customs cooperation to local delivery. Trio Systems Co., Ltd. will act on your behalf. In addition, Trio Systems Co., Ltd. can outsource the construction of WeChat mini-programs in the "WeChat" app for attracting customers, the construction of official brand accounts, and the development of cross-border EC sites.

In 2020, the spread of the new coronavirus infection drastically changed the consumption behavior of Chinese people. Traffic to and from overseas is restricted, and consumption in in-store is shifting to consumption in EC in China. China's e-commerce retail value in 2020 increased by 10.6% year-on-year to approximately 188,161.6 billion yen, and the share of e-commerce retail value in total retail value accounted for 30% * 2. SBPS will respond to the purchasing needs of Chinese and Chinese residents in Japan who cannot travel or shop in Japan by newly supporting "WeChat Pay" that can be used online for Chinese.

About "WeChat Pay"

"WeChat Pay" is a smartphone payment service provided by Tencent Group that uses the "WeChat" app, an SNS platform that boasts 1.2 billion monthly active users * 3, and is currently expanding its business in 64 countries. In addition, businesses can increase awareness of their services and attract customers by posting campaigns on the WeChat mini-program.

About the Online Payment Service provided by SBPS

As a PSP, SBPS provides businesses with more than 35 brands of payment methods available in their online shops. In addition, we have licenses for international credit card brands such as Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay, and we are not limited to PSP, but as an acquirer, we are one-stop from the position of vetting, management work, and payment service provision. It is possible to do it with. We provide an advanced payment system that processes large-scale transactions of 4 trillion yen * 4 annually, and you can use it with peace of mind with stable payment processing. In addition, businesses that have introduced SBPS's Online Payment Service can use the AI-based fraud detection service "AI fraud detection * 5" for free, so fraudulent transactions can be detected early and payments can be made with peace of mind. You can use the service.

SBPS will continue to provide highly convenient services that meet the needs of businesses.

  1. * 1 According to research SB Payment Service Corp.
  2. * 2 From "China EC Market and Utilization" by JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization).
  3. * 3 Tencent Group results.
  4. * 4 Results for FY2020.
  5. * 5 Click here for details on "AI fraud detection".

  • -The company names, product / service names, and logos mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.
  • ・ Information as of December 1, 2021. Contents are subject to change without notice.

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