Service overview

[EC-Connect+] is an EC platform that supports the "mechanism for sales expansion" in your EC business, such as preventing customer withdrawal, preventing cart abandonment, and preventing unauthorized use from overseas.

Adopting next-generation architecture headless commerce, it is an EC system configuration that separates the front end and back end and exchanges data via API.
We will diversify the devices and contents of the front part, which are customer contact points, to expand the number of contact points, and make it possible to improve the efficiency of operations such as backyard inventory management, product management, order management, and other management systems.

It is possible to propose EC construction as desired with high scalability.
Since it is possible to build a custom-made site from the basic structure, it is possible not only to operate an EC site but also to develop various solutions.
There are a wide variety of ways to use it, such as site construction for B2B, rental purchase sales site construction, matching site construction, crowdfunding site construction, etc.

We can fulfill the customer's image of "I wanted this!"



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Totec Amenity Co., Ltd.

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