Service overview

BtoB ordering system Rakuraku B2B replaces "FAX order" with "WEB order",
This is a service that can automate B2B order processing.

We will solve these problems

“It is troublesome to manage the multiplication rate of wholesale transactions”
"I want to manage sales channels for each company"
"I want to improve the efficiency of order-receiving operations."


Receiving orders on the web eliminates the need for "input work" that takes time every time.

  • ・Since the order data is automatically generated at the same time as the online order is received, there is no need to enter data into the system that always occurs when receiving orders by FAX.
  • ・Just enter the number of orders in the "Simple Order Form" like a fax. Difficult operations are not required, and the introduction is smooth even for business partners who are unfamiliar with the web.
  • ・If you order online, you can also Credit Card Payment for B2B (business-to-business transactions). You will be freed at once from creating and issuing invoices and dunning for unpaid bills.
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