Service overview

RPST X We provide one-stop support from building D2C/general mail order sites to maximizing LTV.

Strengths of RPST X

  1. 1. Sales of introduced companies increased by 380% *1
  2. 2. 15 years of industry support know-how
    Cumulative number of accounts exceeds 1,700 companies *2
  3. 3. Support satisfaction rate 99.8% *3
  1. *1 Comparison of sales performance after transition from 2008 to 2023
  2. *2 Cumulative number of accounts from 2008 to 2023
  3. *3 According to our own survey in June 2022

Features of RPST X

Lean purchasing path to maximize new acquisitions

We will reduce the flow up to purchase completion to the bare minimum and improve CVR and LTV more than ever.

Free and advanced sales functions

Full of functions that increase sales freedom. You can set sales methods that match your product type and business strategy.

High-speed PDCA for marketing measures

Streamline operations by setting individual permissions for each external partner such as an advertising agency or web production company.
The advertising analysis function allows for more efficient e-commerce operations by eliminating unnecessary advertising costs.

I recommend this hotel

  • I want to operate measures with a high degree of freedom in sales settings and design.
  • I want to solve resource shortages by automating human tasks
  • I want to increase the number of new acquisitions by countering abandoned carts and improving display speed.
  • I want to increase LTV through effective upsell and cross-sell purchasing channels.




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