Pay after it arrives

Service overview

What is payment after it arrives?

This is a new post-payment service that allows you to "decide the payment method after the product ordered from the EC site or mail order arrives." In addition to the safe and convenient post-payment at convenience stores where you can pay after confirming the product, you can freely choose from various payment methods such as credit card and smartphone payment.

Benefits merchants

Merit 1 Sales increase
We will meet the diverse needs of our customers and contribute to the acquisition of new customers.

Merit 2 100% guarantee of uncollected risk
We guarantee 100% of the product price and pay in advance in the specified cycle.

Merit 3 Focus on core business by acting as a deferred payment business
We handle everything from issuing and shipping convenience store payment slips to confirming payment, responding to inquiries, and collecting payment. In addition, there is no need for "verbal payment method guidance" or "credit card information exchange" for telephone orders. It shortens the operator response time per order and contributes to cost reduction.

Flow from payment collection to payment

About the procedure until introduction

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