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Social Welfare Corporation Mitsuha-kai

With the introduction of cashless payment, payment delays have been reduced. Visualization of deposit management reduces childcare fee collection and tabulation work by 50%.

Interview response:
Hatsumi Tagashira, Chairman of the Social Welfare Corporation Mitsuha-kai

*Service name, department, job title, etc. are information as of May 2022.

Business content

As a social welfare contribution project, Mitsuha-kai, a social welfare corporation, operates certified kindergartens, childcare support centers, children's cafeterias, and children's home meal sharing services. In addition to providing day services for the elderly and child development support as a multi-functional business facility, we also offer a daycare facility for the children of employees, which is a city-led childcare facility, as a welfare benefit for employees working at Mitsuha-kai. We also operate. We also carry out initiatives to support parents, such as holding flower arrangement classes and nail art classes, not only for children but also for their parents, so that they can have time for themselves and continue to shine even when they are busy. .

Please tell us the background behind the introduction of cashless payments.

With the start of the government's new child and child care support system, we consulted Iwate Information Technology Co., Ltd. to introduce cashless payments as part of the promotion of ICT. At first, I was still not comfortable with cashless payments, but after hearing detailed explanations from SB Payment Service, which works with Iwate Information Technology's "Ogaru System," I learned that it was easy for our nursery school to use cashless payments. I decided to introduce the "Ogaru System'' because I was convinced that it would be possible to introduce it. PayPay and Credit Card Payment can be used with Ogapay, the cashless function of Ogaru System, and PayPay in particular is familiar to parents in their 30s who are raising children, and they feel it has a promising future. I did.

What were the effects of introducing cashless payments?

Up until now, bank transfers and cash have been the standard payment method at certified child care centers, but due to variations in children's arrival and departure times and teachers' shifts, it has become complicated to receive and receive cash. Ta. Furthermore, there were problems such as the amounts not matching up when calculating cash, not knowing whether parents had already paid or not, and not being able to easily go to the bank to deposit money due to the coronavirus pandemic, but cashless payments solve these problems. It solved all my problems, and my mental burden was significantly reduced. The "Ogaru System'' is really helpful because everything from room entry/exit and temperature measurement management to childcare fee calculations, cashless payments, and deposit management can all be done on a computer. By reducing delays in deposits, we were able to shorten the collection and aggregation work, which previously took six days, to three days. Currently, PayPay and Credit Card Payment are used 50-50, but PayPay is particularly popular among women, and is popular for its ability to reward many points during campaigns and for its ease of payment. When introducing the Ogaru System, we created flyers for on-site staff with the cooperation of Iwate Information Technology, and it has been running smoothly without any confusion on-site. I am very grateful that Iwate Information Technology is available to assist me in real time when I have a problem.

Please tell us about future service development and prospects.

Initially, we introduced the "Ogaru System" at the certified children's school "Midori no Kaze Educare," but we are planning to introduce it to three affiliated schools from May 2022. We also want to introduce cashless payments for things like paying childcare support center usage fees. In the future, it is expected that the population decline, low birthrate, and depopulation will advance from rural areas, so instead of specializing in early childhood education and childcare, we aim to coexist with the local community so that everyone from children to the elderly can feel happy. We would like to develop our business with the aim of creating a place where people can live.

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